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Ibanez Tone Blaster

Ibanez Tone Blaster 50R

User reviews on Ibanez Tone Blaster products

Ibanez 25R Tone Blaster (Ibanez - Tone Blaster 25R)

By MGR/Mike L, 15/02/2002
I got this amp for $150 at a local hole-in-the-wall music store. The one I had before purchasing this one was only like 5 watts, so I needed an upgrade.

I like the over drive (distortion) and reverb that came with it. The distortion is kind of the grunge type which was pretty good for me because I play a lot of Nirvana and stuff. The palm muting isn't spectacular though with it on. The reverb makes each sound reflect and echo superbly. You can best notice the reverb when you are playing clean.

My Danelectro Distortion Pedal gives the amp a heavier sound, with the palm muting being very bassy and hard. It's better to play metal stuff with a metal distortion pedal with this amp because the on-board overdrive isn't spectacular for really heavy stuff. But, if you can't afford a distortion pedal then you can probably work with it, and it should work fine for you.

When volume is turned up a little over half way with overdrive, the whole case buzzes from the vibrations. It gets kind of annoying, and would seem emberassing if it were to do that at a live gig. I may just need to tighten it up somwhere, I don't know.

It hasn't fallen apart on me yet. The whole unit is fairly heavy, (maybe 20 lbs probably lighter) but it's not that bad.

All in all, it's a pretty solid unit for practicing with. Maybe even loud enough to go over drums and stuff if practicing with a band, although I haven't had a chance to try it out like that yet.

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Ibanez TB50R (Ibanez - Tone Blaster 50R)

By MGR/XyP-, 16/02/2002
i paid SGD$374.50 for it .. list was SGD$535
. i bought it from the biggest music store in singapore , Sweelee . Needed a Performing amp over my rage 158

GREAT DISTORTIOON ! FOOT SWITCH PEDAL ! LOVELY CLEAN SOUND ! Speaker out jack , 2 FS jacks , EFX in and out jack ... 2 x 3 band active EQ.. spring reverb , boost , mid switch , ALOT MORE , go find out !

i go thru a boss volume exp pedal see and the ***king clean sounds becomes very soft even @ maximum volume on amp and exp pedal . Pretty heavy , wuss and girls should have a bit of a problem . guys no prob ... :)


THIS IS A GREAT AMP ! it's simply the best . the price is just as good . look no further , its gotta be the best 50w performing guitar amp ever !

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Ibanez TB412A (Ibanez - Tone Blaster 412A)

By MGR/Bill C., 11/03/2003
I've been following the release date for this unit. When it arrived at Sam Ash (local store) I decided to do an A/B comparison to a Marshall 1960AC and a Crate GX412S and a Fender DT 412. The sound for the Ibanez was crisper, with better distortion and had a longer sustain before breaking up beteen the 3 others. With it having new speakers, the tone should even out and become not a harsh and spiky as the new voice coils are tight and need to be pushed some before they mellow. I paid $299.00 for it.

Excellent tone for a new cab. I was told that the speakers are Celestion made for Ibanez, but I seriosly doubt it. Ibanez states that they are "Power Jam" speakers. If they are, or aren't Celestions, they still pump out a better tone new than my 4x12 Celestion greenback equipped cab. The Ibanez has a 4 Ohm, 8 Ohm and 16 Ohm input that are all switchable from mono to stereo. The metal casters are heavy duty and being a large cab, the weight isn't too heavy for a large 4x12 cab. It can handle 400 watts at 4 Ohms.

I have doubts about the molded plastic carrying handles and the super thin tolex covering. I also do not care for the cloth grill, although I do like the pewter color of the cloth. They should have used a metal grill and a thicker tolex cover with diecast metal carrying handles. It should also been made with plywood instead of particle board, but the price and the sound compensates for all of the above.

Actually it is put together really well and I can push a full 120 watts through it without any buzzing or rattle from the cab getting in the way. There is an internal baffle to eliminate standing waves. The casters are heavy duty and it isn't so heavy that I can't lift it, although it does cause me to grunt a little when lifting.

The price and sound can't be touched by anything I've compared it to above. I have made my own custom cab that can beat the shit out of it, but you're talking over $1500.00 total constuction costs for a 4x12 on the custom and I really did quite a bit of mathematical calculations to get the size and speaker matching to work out just right. I'm sure it'll make a 5 on the scale after the speakers break in a little more.

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Ibanez Tone Blaster 25 (Ibanez - Tone Blaster 25)

By MGR/Anonymous, 01/06/2003
this is my 2nd amp. the first was a small crate gx15 with some mods to rid of the bugs like the tune knobs. Now i have this toneblaster that i got for $147 at a distant tune shop. its ok.. not quite as loud as i thought it was gonna be and not something that you could take into a gig.

its ok.... decent i think.

this unit is not quite as loud or clear as i thought it should be. This is a very cheap looking model. the speaker is a 10" but only has an 8ohm rating. I plugged in my other amp crate gx 15 and it had a much crisper tone than the toneblaster and damn near as loud too. I give a thumbs down on Ibanez tone blaster 25

very boxy and generic looking

i took mine back and spent the extra cash and bought an mx20r crate amp that is smaller by 5 watts but has a WAAAAAAYyyyyyyyyy....... better sound.

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