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Ibanez V

Ibanez V205SECE

User reviews on Ibanez V products

Audiofanzine FR's review (Ibanez - V70CE)

By Audiofanzine FR, 06/11/2008
(Originally written by manorhead/translated from Audiofanzine FR)

Dreadnought guitar with cutaway, made in China. The paint runs everywhere, it's really awful...
Laminated mahogany back and sides
Mahogany neck with rosewood fingerboard
20 frets.
Piezo pickup + preamp with 2-band EQ
No sealed lubricated machine heads, what a pity!


Slim and comfortable neck but the nut is too high making the playing a bit arduous.

It's a Dreadnought, there's not much to say about the shape.
The preamp controls are quite simple, everything as it should be.


I bought this guitar to write ballad/folk intros and it's great for that purpose.
The acoustic sound doesn't have a lot of deepness (and the original strings don't seem to help much).
With a good amp (Evan 60 tube amp) the small preamp changes the guitar sound completely making it much more interesting.


I just bought it. I like the guitar preamp, it sounds ok with a good amp. I also like the output connector on the strap pin and the slim neck.
I don't like the painting imperfections, the high nut, the disgusting smell of glue making me sick, the glossy finish highlighting all the fingerprints (I spend more time cleaning it than playing it) and I don't like the acoustic sound.
I didn't try any other guitar and I purchased it on the internet.
This Chinese electro-acoustic Ibanez sold with a pick, cable, truss rod key and some spare parts was really cheap. Good value for money. It's not an upper-class product but it's good enough for me. I will lower the nut as soon as possible.
If I were to buy another guitar I wouldn't buy it on the internet and I would choose one without manufacturing defects for the same price.

Ibanez V300 (Ibanez - V300)

By MGR/Anonymous, 26/05/2003
I bought this one from a pawn shop. It cost 200 euros.

Action is just perfect. All the frets are easy to play and there is no fret buzz. The sound is very bright and clean. The guitar resonates very well.

Hmmm... nothing.

Mahogany back, spruce top. Rosewood neck (probably) with polyurethane finish. Good quality.

Ibanez V300 is a very nice basic guitar. It's a great for both beginners and professionals. If you find an Ibanez V300 from a local pawn shop, give it a try.

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A marvel (Ibanez - V300)

By papifouine, 20/04/2013
1976 japan solid spruce mahogany sides and bottom multiwall mahogany V-mechanical are original (I bought 760 Francs translate into euros and take into account inflation)


cash cumbersome as it should, but a round of hell


You can play a bit of everything with this one it sounds could not be more balanced style Gibson no bass, no treble kind Martin Takamine or two words like say young IS TOO TOP


At 65, it is still one of the best acoustic I've tried.
My son in his Parisian career has tried hundreds of all kinds and all costs, but does not sound as good for him (I completely agree)
I hope my grandchildren if they are one day musicians will appreciate the true value
Finally she is PERFECT

good sound vintage ... (Ibanez - V280)

By execut, 30/05/2014
dreadnought made in japan early 80
Spruce Mahogany
Type folk Martin


good ergonomics
fine enough cash
handle end fast


very vintage sound
lovers of folk pop will love
it stands up very well with a good fingerstyle bass and a particular sound heat
astonishing projection for this format


I recommend this guitar na no equivalent in recent model missing some life
it is part of guitars under 400 euros that we do not regret.