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Kawai CN

Kawai CN2

User reviews on Kawai CN products

Gudlok's review (Kawai - CN290)

By Gudlok, 01/06/2006
Digital Piano 88-Keys with hammers system (Advanced Hammer Action III)

- 4 types of touch: Normal, light, heavy, Constant

- 8 sound: Classic Grand, Modern Piano, Electric Piano, Church Organ, Harpsichord, Vibraphone, Strings, Choir.

- Effects: Reverb (Room, Stage, Hall), Chorus

- Recorder: 3 Songs, 2 Tracks, 1800 Notes

- Other Functions: Transpose, Tuning, MIDI Functions

- 2 Pedals: Una Corda or Tonale, and Forte

- 2 headphone jack (6.35 mm), Pedal input, MIDI In and Out, Line In / Out (RCA)

- Speakers 2x12 cm, 2x15W

- Dimensions / Weight: 139x46x99cm, 38.5 kg


- Touch is just EXCELLENT! Frankly it's been 3 years since I and I is not seen a keyboard or digital piano that has as good a touch ... In addition it is adjustable dc c super versatile, genre ranges for exercises you put in heavy touch, to play cushy ac nuance you put on Normal, and when you use it in your pr Master Keyboard synths you put in touch Constant koi ... perfect!

- Ultra simple Config

- Midi channel selection simple (you press two buttons mm tps and you press the corresponding key

- The manual is in french, it is clear and explains what he fo know.


- Classic Grand The sound is simply great ... very well balanced ... I have yet tested sound banks and other Akoustic The Grand Piano or oddly ... I much prefer the original sound of the Classic Grand! ! I like the least ... The Modern Piano Vibraphone is not bad at all, and E. Piano ... c the rest of gadgets for fun ^ ^

- The effects are basic but effective

- I find it excellent expression, one can feel vrmt heads the nuances of the game.


Well it's really a great digital piano, I purchased 3 years ago ... I tried a few others I can not remember the names ... but he's clearly shown by the lot of his touch excellent and realistic sound ... and in addition it is a very nice piece of furniture ^ ^
Value / Price is very good on c ... expensive but worth the time, it was worth the money!
With the experience I would do without hesitation that choice ... Now I'm jaded because I need money and space so I'll probably sell it in lgtps ... not gonna be a vacuum ... but I hope to find a keyboard more portable and less bulky my little pr studio ... but I feel the same as that of the ca c (dc I'll probably stay home Kawai ^ ^)!

Mass's review (Kawai - CN2)

By Mass, 28/12/2005
88 keys.
3 sounds of piano, organ, harpsichord, strings, etc ...
MIDI In / Out, headphone jack 2 6.35, a power for pedals (in a format Kawai Owner ').

I have two jacks AIM 6.35 symtriques left / right to save it. A socket for a simple t would also sustain pedals welcome.


I took it to touch. I can not bear the Clavinova from Yamaha. Too hard for me. At Kawai is round, more like a IDE I am a piano. Sduit direct touch me.

Gnrale configuration is very simple, as long as we want to play the piano. To go further (to change the touch of rponse transpose, tempo mtronome ...) it's not complicated just a matter of habit and mmorisation key combinations.

The manual is in three or four languages, I have read in English is OK. Any fawn, the only really useful manual is the installation of sheet piano.


Ah, the sounds. Well, in terms of the organ and the rest, a fine, but frankly I find that this piano is made to a. As a general rule, the sound is very well, except in acute o trs has become ugly sometimes. Y-inclusive for the piano, which sacrifices allgresse with the top octaves.

The sounds are ralistes, except sometimes in the treble. Okay, firstly because that's all for fun play correct, and that is to record the level VST for all a.

Effects? What effects?

The expression is buen.

I only use the piano n1, my prfr so.


I for a week. Oh yeah. I love his touch, I love even the bottom. I do not like his treble. I tried a lot of MODELS store before, I would also like an essay Roland dchirait for 2300 without any speakers .. The Kawai CN2 is worth 1000 ... Excellent price for a quality piano with numrique furniture.

With my exprience a week, I'll wait a few months before our answer.

I love this piano. 8 / 10.