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User Review

jembozzo's review - Lâg LE Key

Its beautbr /> MIDI HF
has cost me 15,000 bales era

but we are finally free no longer be a slave behind this fucking keyboard


Keyboard a bit small
lacking a Octave
difficult to configure
I also hand the user manual and am even more about whether to do it again
the type that made the MIDI system HF given me his direct numro
it is nice trs
in fact, the stuff is trs reliable and strong, these are just the cables that are vulnerable


I have used for 3 years and now he sleeps in my studio
like a beautiful instrument collection that I probably never resell
because I believe that in France it is less than 100 has a possder

if one day I want to redo the scne the keyboard, I come out
I had the model that had a roland ax1 octave again, silent trs cool, but frankly ugly, and then the cable hanging around twelve o'clock !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gnial really a tool that makes free as air and keyboardists