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Optimize My MXL V250 Mic Setup (Vocals)

I was wondering about recording vocals. I’m newer to this than many of you, I’m sure and I need some practical advice.

I have Pro Tools and Logic set up on my laptop, but I’m recording vocals and that’s where it gets tricky for me.

I have an MXL V250 (relatively cheap, but decent) condenser mic and one of those makeshift boxes with the soundproof foam and not a lot else to work with as far as acoustics go.

Maybe it’s positioning, maybe something else.,

but I know there has to be a better way to optimize this.
Are you using a pop screen? If not, you should be (they're pretty inexpensive). The pop screen goes between the mic and the singer. Make sure that you (or whomever is singing) gets within an inch (or less) of the pop screen, which should be right next to the mic. You want to minimize the amount of room sound, which means the singer needs to be close to the mic. The further back, the more of the room you're going to pick up. Try that for starters, and see if it makes any difference. Also, the closer to the mic the singer is, the more proximity effect, which makes a voice sound bigger. Good luck!
Thanks Mike. Yes, I'm using a pop screen. As of now, I don't have a proper mic stand, though. I only have a desktop stand, so I put it onto a chair next to me when i need to record.
I really don't get the question here sorry.
I wonder if there are problems you are running into like :
Is your recorded voice / sound
  • Too thin
  • Too big / booming
  • Distorted { To much gain / too loud signal }
  • Noisy { To much gain / too low signal }
  • ploppy ( :-D sorry for the funny word ; lots of plops while using the P , T, etc words

What for kind of help do you need / advise do you like to have ?
What would you like to improve ?

And most important ... what did you try your self to improve the sound

Can you describe what you here if you recorded sound / voices .....
Perhaps an image of your setup can say more than words

- Angelie