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User Review

for me! the top of the versatility! - Reviews Neumann TLM 103 D

Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Advanced Users
a gem of versatility,

couple, far from near, it is each time bluffing ease of use, warmth, respect for stamps, especially with complex envelopes.

I do not see any other micro can do that
(Try to establish a new generation C414, well, it's not the same !!! ouch ouch ouch)

there were special FX, huge crash, pianos, philharmonic orchestras, voices, guitar amp, cello, horns etc ... every time it's great!
micro superb.
the only small problem we may have at the beginning is the rumble due to go into the sub mic in live sound on large ope forcing to use a suspension.

Another great quality is biensur that this mic is just behind the digital membrane.
in a world where all the "analog" microphones are actually "digital" one step further in the chain (console, processors, network recorders etc ...) then the advantage is that the pre amp and super high converter range which are embedded into the microphone allow you to have the same sound you are using a 01V96 or a Midas XL8! (Since it uses neither pre amps or converters of the console, which are the two most different points of a digital console to another)
So it's still the top to perfectly know its microphones is a bit more on the result, before placing the microphones!
Dynamic is unmatched compared to standard systems, this makes gives us a much more flexible sound is "analog" as the "analog" microphones themselves, within the pre-amplify each time with a GML 8302 and convert with a DAD for example! (I let you calculate the price of the chain with a couple analog)
not a breath, not a sound

I am completely FAN!
I have enough, I will redeem for sure

* Photo with Nathalie Dessay in Fiddler on the Sand / Royan