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Okay but look around (TLM 103)

By Jonthebass, 31/10/2017
I borrowed a pair of these to record an acoustic piano at my studio. They looked great, nice and light and easy to place.
There seemed to be something missing at the top end. Sure you can eq to hell and back but I like my source sound to be awesome. After many adjustments and a bit of eq I still couldn't get that top end without it sounding muddy. I even tried just using one in case of P.C. But nope. That flat spot was still there.
In the end I used my pair of NT2's. The difference was incredible.
I'm sure the name will sell many and maybe I'm just too pedantic. I love my Rodes even more now.
Sorry Neumann, doesn't do it for me.

Neumann TLM 103 works beautifully on acoustic guitars (TLM 103)

By bainmack, 02/06/2019
Hello curious wanderer,
Owned and used a Neumann TLM 103 for about a year now.
I've paired it with various preamps including a LA-610 mKII.
Primarily used w/ acoustic guitars and vocals.
There does tend to be a lot of artifacts when using this mic at close sources -- these artifacts i have not experienced with other mics and concluded that the microphone is causing the problem. These 'artifacts' are distortion in nature of the source and tend to be difficult to edit out or make EQ correction. That's why I only give this a 4 star instead of 5 star review.

BUT, like always, take every review with a grain of salt.
You can hear it paired w/ other microphones here:


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[NAMM] Neumann & Apogee in a bundle

Published on 01/22/16
Neumann and Apogee have announced the release of a bundle including the Neumann TLM 102 large-diaphragm microphone and Apogee Duet audio interface.

[AES] The Neumann U 47 FET is back

Published on 10/10/14

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