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User Review

Pretty but expensive - Reviews Apple Cinema Display 27"

I am not a huge Apple fan but I give credit where credit is due. Their displays are some of the best on the market. They really have a different look to them. When you are using an Apple display it just feels different than a normal monitor. The construction of the display is pretty simple. It is a pretty thin design with a metal piece that holds it up. You can tilt it back and forth a little to adjust it. It comes with a a few USB ports along with the normal video cables ports. You can see why graphics editors pretty much only use Apple hard ware. These displays have such a crisp and vibrant image. The colors are deeper and darker and its like a high res HDTV. My normal monitors look good but they really dont compare to the displays Apple use. The picture is so sharp it is hard to discribe. It is not that good for gaming since it only has a 12ms response rate but games are not really the concern of most Apple users. There are a few cons to this monitor. You need an adapter to use it on a PC. It can have a lot of glare if you are working in an environment with a lot of lights. There is limited adjustment. I had to put a book under it to raise it to a comfortable level. It is also very expensive. You can get other 27 inch monitors for around 200 dollars while this Apple display costs 5 times as much. If you are looking for one of the absolute best monitors on the market and have the money to afford it there are not many monitors better than this one. Apple knows what they are doing when it comes to displays.