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Left-Handed Electric Basses
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User reviews on Left-Handed Electric Bass products

Steinberger XT-25 (Steinberger - XT-25 LH)

By MGR/Anonymous, 27/06/2001
I bought this bass direct from MusicYo!. I had been looking for a Steinberger for about 2 months through Ebay and some of the online used shops. I finally found MusicYo and received went for it! $280 plus UPS charges rounding it out at just over 3 bills for a neck-thru 5 string! The box arrived in 2 days! the packing job seems to know how freight companies handle freight these day. It came box in box and bubble wrapped, not a scratch or a dent on it.

A 5 string neck-thru for 300 bucks! Great looks, great sound Lightweight and easy to play once I got it set up. 2 EMG select humbuckers a free gig-bag. It stays in tune like a rock. Great customer service

There isn't much not to like. It had a good bit of fret buzz when first got it. After fooling around with the action for a few weeks I found a shop that didn't look down it's nose at a "new Steinberger". It seems there are few shops that have kind things to say about them. I've been told lies and half truths about the consrtuction where their made, crappy action, all of which isn't true. It seems that the way Gibson/Music Yo has decided to sell them (direct over the internet) dosen't sit well with most traditional guitar shops. I was lucky to find a shop where the tech plays a Steine! I saw him playing at a bar and asked him where he got his worked on, he said he was a tech, and I showed up the next day axe in hand.

The only other gripe is the lack of information about the warranty. MusicYo has a 30 money back policy, but no info on after that even after an email I didn't get an answer to this question.

The black finish is perfect and matches the dark rosewood fret board and black hardware well. I have seen older Steinbergers and see difference in the design or quality of the hardware. 2 humbucker pickups (EMG selects!) The bass is small and light and sounds punchy like a much larger bodied guitar. It's easy to play once you get used to a headless guitar! The fold out leg rest is weird until you try it, one of the easiest basses to play sitting down! 2 volume and a tone control allow for some controll over the tone (much better than my old Cort!) No noise! Everything in The action is adjustable. although I did take it to a shop for the setup!

Enough said, if you want one of the best deals on a bass get a Steinberger from Music YO! 300 bucks for a neck-thru 5 string, I still can't believe it!

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Steinberger XT-25 (Steinberger - XT-25 LH)

By MGR/Anonymous, 27/06/2001
I purchased it at for $246.49 because I wanted a 5-string bass that was lighter and easier to play.

Other than learning how to play a 5-string, I had no problem at all getting used to it. Between the low action and the small size, it's wonderful to play. It stays in tune very well. It has that classic Steinberger sound. My last bass was a Fender jazz bass with Seymore Duncan noise-canceling pickups, and I think the Steinberger sounds much better. Other band members and a sound man agree.

The only negative thing I can say about it concerns the Steinberger method of setting the intonation. You have to loosen a small Alan screw on the side of the bridge assembly and manually slide the bridge pieces back and forth. I find this very cumbersome because it's easy to make too great of an adjustment and it's also easy to accidentally move the bridge piece next to the one you actually want to adjust. I do know, of course, that once everything is set up properly you shouldn't have to mess with the intonation too much as long as you use the same gauge of strings, but it would be nice if the bridge pieces were made to be adjusted with screws as they are in most other basses. It does take the double-ball-end strings, which are a little harder to find. They make an adapter that allows it to take standard strings, but I haven't looked into that yet.

Very good solid construction. Stays in tune. Sounds great and plays great. It arrived in good condition a couple of days after I placed the order. I had to do some minor adjustments. The action was fairly low-just the way I like it, but the neck was perfectly straight to the point that the strings were buzzing more than they should have been. Since I didn't want to raise the action, I re-adjusted the truss rod to put a slight bow in the neck. I then re-adjusted the action and the intonation. After this, it played fine.

Overall, I would recommend it to anyone because it plays well and sounds good. In my opinion, those are the two most important things when buying a guitar or bass. It does look different, due to the headless design and small body. However, it's a very good design from a practical standpoint. I have always wondered why more guitars and basses don't have similar designs. It's better balanced, easier to tune, easier to play, and was a heck of a deal.

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Steinberger XT-25 (Steinberger - XT-25 LH)

By MGR/G.L.E., 27/08/2004
Bought it foe $280.00 on ebay from a guy within 60 miles from my home. I wanted it for its style, EMG's and PRICE!

Although I bought mine used, but it was in new condition. The finish is very good and after a little adjustment the action can be lowered nicely. Because it is neck-through, the sustain is excellent. The EMG selects work very well, no noise, nice J AND P bass tones. Also, a good deal of adjustment in between.
Strings, although light guage (through Music Yo!), are cheap ($11.00 per set) and last well. It also stays in tune for long periods and the jack and pots are solid.

I don't like the tiny dots on top of the neck, they're hard to see when quickly jumpin' up an octive for a fill. Also, it's not real comfortable when strapped on. The old Steinbergers had a piece of plastic that sat on your hip that positioned the bass perfectly. However, if you move your neck strap stud on to the body of the bass and more towards the front, it sits much better than the factory setup.
The bridge also leaves little to be desired in it's design as you have a set screw that holds the intonation adjustments in place, hard to set. The bridge piece must also be moved forward to get the B string out of the saddle when changing strings. Lastly, they should have made the lettering "Steinberger" bigger and the "Spirit" smaller, if at all.

But I want to add that dislikes listed here are either cosmetic or minor as I am being very picky.

Fit and finish of this unit is very good, especially for the money. The neck and feel is good and solid, and the hardware is also good.

My final word is this, I've played for a long time, (can you say inagoddadavida?) I have used mine alot over the past 10 months, and I know it well. It plays and sounds WAY better than my Fender 5 with active EMG's but not nearly as well as my Lakland 55-02. Of course you say "look at the price difference", and you'd be right.
I don't play alot of basses in this price range, but I think that "for the money", I would like to see the bass that could beat it, period.
I live in S.W. Florida and you put it in your hot vehicle, then take it out and put it in the air conditioned venue and it stays in tune, plays fine with no backup, works for me.

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