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Left-Handed Electric Basses
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User reviews on Left-Handed Electric Bass products

Beautiful ... but unplayable! A bad run? It is hoped ... (Custom77 - China Girl Bass)

By Fredglass, 17/07/2014
Short scale bass for fans of the genre. This bass has a phenomenal face, she is beautiful. It does not go well aware the pictures. Congratulations Custom 77! It is well beyond the simple replica of the Gibson EB-0. But one huge black dot (and all my post only run on it): it is unplayable! At least the model I have owned for some time.


In fact, the bass that curl and not a little bit! If the bass is so aesthetically pleasing that the level of sensations (touch on the handle, access to acute) no adjustment was possible to solve this recurring problem. I am therefore said that the settings it was not my stuff and then I emmenené the short scale in one of the best makers of France (Philippe Deputte near Lorient). Nothing has done and I found myself with a beautiful instrument, certainly, but unplayable. Another downside: the bass is not at all balanced. His head is huge (again it does not go well aware the pictures) which gives it a hangover from hell but the fact nosedive.




I hate to break an instrument, especially when it comes to a model of a French company trying to launch. I bought this bass secondhand to replace all my first bass that I hated (Cort Action in filthy look). The seller was very close to my brother, which was quite convenient (I'm left handed and there is little bass on the market OCCAZ. I did not want to do 500 terminals to find the instrument which suits me)! And then I flashed on the beautiful aspect of the bass. I also thought that with my small hands, a short scale would be welcome. I tried this bass headphones, big mistake! Not having enough bottle at the time, I have not had this very unpleasant feeling frisouille under the fingers. I've realized in the ear when I played in my amp. So I went back to the seller and I gave him the short scale against an Ibanez 5 string that also sold + some money to complete! I spent at all (and acquired at the same time the passion of five strings) but what comfort compared this Ibanez SR-605!

Anyway, I prefer to say that I stumbled upon a wrong number. I read stuff praise for Custom 77 and I think not having luck, that's all. If one day the opportunity arises, I will try again although experience with this China Girl. I think it is a low and a brand worth it but that must be worth trying every angle to avoid unpleasant surprises. Now that I have more experience and I need to take a coffee when I'm traveling, a little short scale would be nice.

The China girl are no longer manufactured and I do not see yet in OCCAZ. I put a 5/10 not to break the instrument must have, I hope its good series.

My Grail (G&L - L-2000 Lefty)

By shukran33, 30/06/2014
The specifications were discussed exhaustively in previous opinions, do not bother to come back to my senses.

What characterizes this low for me:

- Profile handle perfect for me (and it's pretty darn important). With small hands, I have long stuck on 38 at nut. It exceeds 40 but with a thinner profile than a JB, and it is nickel (the type of race we forget playing)

- A violin and a veeeeeery fittings of good quality (the bridge yum!)

- Electronic and combinations with really full microphones (it can be smooth, it may growl, active or passive ... it can do and do well)


The handle is perfect (for bibi)

Some (s) is the heavy personal at all. very well balanced, the gameplay is excellent.

I was rather reluctant to active, but L 2000 is not too complicated, it quickly finds three quarters sounds for fun at first ... and mumuse done quickly with switches and knobs, and then discovers the possibilities of the beast


It should completely that I play with my band (pop / rock) but not that ... I think we can do ANYTHING with this bass.

I use a LM markbass tube and 2x12 TecAmp not break it ... too bad!

side sounds, I love everything ... period. Well ... it's become my main bass, and it will remain so long ... I must not be more objective!


Used for 2 months, but I let go of it since (except for a passage to a painter ... btw, look no finish mine pictured)

I had a crush on L 2000 tribute to Pigalle, already a very good model. I Guinea arrowroot this occas U.S. at a good price, and I do not regret ABSOLUTELY is my grail!

Collector?? (Aria Pro II - VPB-45)

By groovyfourmi, 22/06/2014
Low passive
Config 'typical PB + JB
2 volumes + 1 tone


The neck is very thin and super comfortable. The highlight of this bass.


Precision effective position with a well rounded and closed his tone.

It lacks safe for slap.

The config 'allows him to be versatile enough but it certainly is not part of the prides of the brand (which has a long history behind it). For proof, Aria can not find this reference in its own archives (see "overall opinion").


My model is right-handed. I did not find any technical information concerning and Aria seems to have flaws in its catalog as the closest model they referenced is the VPB-40 ...
Year of production: Early-1990s
Body: Alder
Neck: Maple, bolt-on, 14 ° pitched head
Finger board: Rosewood, 350R
Frets: 22F
Pickups: OP-1 Double Coil x1, OJ-1 Single Coil x1
Controls: Volume x2, Tone x1

Then point me to their catalog of 1992.

In itself, this is not a super low. The config 'microphones can vary the sounds effectively but quickly reaches its limits at the punch. The handle, however, is a real treat because it is thin and warm.

This is my first bass and I still use low extra for different tunings. With a compressor and / or a good preamp 'buttocks, she still sends big sound for a more rock register

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