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Reviews LP-Shaped Guitar

Gibson SG Standard with Min-ETune Review

Not So standard! The SG Standard is a legendary guitar that doesn't need an introduction. It's one of Gibson's best sellers, played by some of the best guitar players like Angus Young, Pete Townshend and Franck Zappa to name just a few. But the SG we have here is a bit special because it features the Min-ETune system for automatic guitar tuning! Let's look into the details... read more…

Gibson Les Paul Faded Blue Stain Review

Nice Les Paul You A soft launch last Christmas, the Les Paul Blue with roasted maple fingerboard caught our attention. Get your pick and come meet the beauty. read more…

SR LP Origin Burst Plaintop & Luxe Flamed Tobacco Burst SR Guitars Review

A SRious Guitar It can't be easy to manufacture a guitar series based on the mythic Gibson Les Paul, considering that there are zillions of copies, some of them very good, and also because there will always be purists who state that no copy will ever come close to the real deal... SR presents its Les Paul interpretation and offers some rare customization options: finish, pickups and hardware. read more…

User reviews on LP-Shaped Guitar products

Great price even better sound (Agile - AL-3000)

By Innerforce, 23/12/2018
I have used many different amps with this Agile guitar, keep in mind this one is a special edition just made one year with EMG 51/50 active pickups. Without any effects sounds great and with effects just gets even more power and great sounds. My friends have compared there Gibson Les Paul to it and say this plays better than the lower end Gibsons and on some cases equal to more expensive models. Did a blind fold test with a true Gibson guitarist and cold not pick which was which. This Agile guitar has been used for many different styles and genres and has performed very awesome. Clean, Crunch and distorted all with good out takes. The pros are sound, look and fell.
- are most guitarist never heard of them and won't even give it a try until they hear it.

Outstanding Les Paul for old fashioned players (Gibson - Les Paul Florentine)

By Davor, 02/04/2019
I play since 1959. and have owned some 50+ guitars; I still own about 25, 12 Gibson Les Pauls. This is the best one of all my guitars: Custom Shop Les Paul Silver Sparkle Florentine ... it has THE sound while all the rest is just like in the very best 1959 reissue Les Pauls (that I also have). OK, she is hollow, yet not as hollow as my ES-335 or ES-339 :-) The sound is more 'classic' jazz-pop rather than rock and certainly not metal even though she can handle ultra high gain very well. In reality she sounds at home in jazz, rock, blues and pop ... The tuning stability is remarkable, the sound is sweet and she plays like a dream. It will be almost impossible to separate myself from her ... oh, well :-)

Good, but needs some TLC (Harley Benton - L-450Plus)

By vidroczky, 17/10/2019
I'm always use TH program, running on a PC, and choose 'Guitar Hero' preset for this solo

Of course, the intro was played with neck position pick up, and the solo with bridge. :-)

This solo was played by user preset, it's hard to tell you the details :-(

In overall, the guitar looks great, and sounds great (Thanks to Wilkinson PU) but there is some buzzing here and there, and some imperfection on the finish. But it does not matter for the prize.

Mahogany body
Set mahogany Long Tenon neck (three piece with scarf joint)
REAL maple cap
Beautiful AAA veneer
bounding all around the body, and neck
Wilkinson PUPS
Made in Korea switch

poor tuners
mini potmeters
lack of set up and fret finishis
artificial mother of pearl inlays

That's all. Anyway, all in all, it's a great deal for the price, better then Epiphone Studio, almost Epiphone Standard.

News LP-Shaped Guitar

[NAMM] LTD updates 200-series guitar range

Published on 01/23/16
Designed for intermediate-level players and other budget-minded musicians, LTD's 200 Series will be expanded in 2016 with 16 new models & variations.

Yamaha launches Revstar series

Published on 12/16/15

Feature Articles LP-Shaped Guitar

And the Guitar Was Born!

Published on 06/15/15
And the Guitar Was Born!
The telephone rings. Pegg's back suddenly stiffens, she adjusts her glasses before picking up the phone. She can tell by the timbre of the voice that asks for Ted McCarty that it's bad news for her b…

History of the Les Paul

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