Hello all,

A few weeks ago I got an XLR Rode NT1 mic along with a M-Audio 192 6 Audio Interface and was excited about recording with less background noise than my previous USB mics!

But since getting it, I've had a hard time actually recording! I was using Audacity and Cakewalk previously, so I tried recording on those, ultimately gave up and downloaded Pro Tools (since it came with the AI), had even more errors, so I decided to come back to Cakewalk since I figured at least I'd know how to use it once I got rid of the errors, HA!

I'm operating on a Windows 10 (64 bit) HP laptop. I downloaded all the M-Audio drivers and had hoped I'd be all set to go, but I've had to deal with errors, errors, and more errors, and I'm on my last straw with figuring this all out. I'm starting with a basic setup of 2 tracks. Track 1 is the track that I am recording with my mic/AI, and Track 2 is an audio track that's been imported (ex. instrumental).

In short, I'll summarize the 3 problems that I'm having now:

1. Metallic sounding imported tracks - Track 2 upon playback always ends up sounding metallic and echo-y. It doesn't matter which track I import. They all sound fine when played outside of Cakewalk, however, with ASIO set as the driver, imported tracks sound metallic when sent to the AI output AND Master output. If I have my driver set to WASAPI Shared, the audio sounds fine when the output is my laptop speakers, although I can't use that setting as it seems the M-Audio AI only works with the ASIO driver? Track 1 (the recorded track from the AI input) sounds fine regardless of what output device I set it to.

** I may have found a temporary solution for this, but I'm not sure if that's right. If I change the settings of the track from Interleave:Stereo to Interleave:Mono the metallic-echo sound is gone, although the volume decreases by a lot. All the imported tracks ARE stereo though, so I don't know why this would cause it to change...

2. USB/Direct knob blending not working - The USB/Direct knob seems to act purely as a volume knob right now. It doesn’t blend the two tracks together whatsoever. It either decreases the volume of both when turning it one way, or increases the volume of both by turning it in the opposite direction. And this is the same regardless of what output I have both tracks set to. Even while I'm recording it only acts as a volume knob. I've even set my gain at a 9/10 giving my mic a greater input but that hasn't changed anything either.

3. Upon playback (and during recording) sometimes the audio will just go silent - The audio will still be playing on Cakewalk, but there's no sound. There hasn't been any audio engine dropouts or anything like that, so I have no idea why that happens!

Any and all help/advice would be so very much appreciated!! :)

**I’m really wondering if I should just return this M-Audio interface and get the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 interface instead, since I’ve seen that there aren’t as many problems with its drivers…