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M-Audio Midisport

M-Audio Midisport 4x4 Anniversary Edition

User reviews on M-Audio Midisport products

Cannot config without computer (M-Audio - Midisport 4x4)

By Airl Tachyon-65, 02/08/2017
It should have been no big deal to manufacture this 100$ midi device with a couple of dip switches to hard configure the base settings, rather than forcing the user into endless searching for software to configure this device.

All I needed was just midi in to midi thru, that's very basic. Why the manufacturer did not include the appropriate softwwre to configure this device is a mystery, in any case a bummer.

As I do not use any computer / daw with my music instruments, this device is a big no. I just don't understand why the basic base config is not simply midi in to midi thru, just like all the cheaper similar products.

I returned this device to the shop for a full refund. On ebay I found a 20$ midi in to midi thru spiltter that works perfectly without any software.

I give one star for the functionality and an extra star for the build, total 2 stars.


My oldest companion (M-Audio - Midisport 2x2)

By wahed, 30/10/2014
Purchased in 2001 !!! At the time, a USB MIDI interface was all new to me. Used at the time in my studio with a AKAI S2000 and a Korg M1. It has been a few years my interface for concerts.


Everything has been very stable either on WinXP when I bought it on Mac or later. She never planted or showed any latency.


I have for 13 years. I used it daily for 7 years and more episodically since 2008, when it serves me in concert.
This is my oldest piece of equipment in the studio; it is indestructible. I'll never will get rid (unless they have the brilliant idea to make us obsolete USB).

This is good! (M-Audio - Midisport 4x4 Anniversary Edition)

By doc.ouahed, 11/06/2014
4 in - 4 out, I needed to start @ noon signal spliter. I knew that I need more output channels but to test, I started with ca.


very stable, no bugs, native support, no need for installation or other drivers ...

requiring 8 out noon, I actually saturai interface using many channels simultaneously. At the same time, use 25 channels of 4 output channels, ca ca stands that saturates ...


I used about 6 months before entering io 8. For small config or instru rere twelve o'clock, that's fine. For managing more than 4 simultaneous devices, I recommend an outlet channel machine noon.

Avoid this product (M-Audio - Midisport 2x2)

By lauke_lux, 19/01/2014
Purchased in 2010 for programming a MIDI pedalboard not so easy?


Drivers from M-AUDIO is a mess without equal .. looking on the internet many complainants who had full c .. with this provider that beats in the c .... that almost nobody can simply install a driver without a tray 7 computer.
Since one of the last updates Windows7 SP1 installation is simply impossible that the police doing?


For 3 years with hugely problems (regularly had to reinstall the driver AND XP AND Windows 7 Here I shall adopt the fees, I throws;. Would be dishonest to sell such a product.
I had an M-Audio interface for audio, it was barely better
When he worked in the past, you appreciate the small size for a fairly reasonable price.
Never, ever M-Audio in the house, it's over, finished.

News M-Audio Midisport

M-Audio Midisport Anniversary Editions

Published on 06/01/08
These USB MIDI interfaces deliver new designs to commemorate M-Audio's 20th anniversary; and are bus-powered and class-compliant with Windows XP, Vista and Mac OS X.

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