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Marshall Artiste

Marshall 2068 Artiste [1971-1978]

User reviews on Marshall Artiste products

Magnificent (Marshall - 2069)

By paul1179, 24/11/2014
Baffle 70's 4X12 '' Loade in blackback G12H-30 55Hz bass cone.
Vintage look at the top and the best post HP greenbacks.

About 1 meter high without casters.
Which puts it between 1960 and 8x10 cabinets "mod. 1990 2034.
With wheels it makes the amp head stack at the right height to change the controls in full song without too much hassle.
It is as wide as 1960, but less deep, the maximum depth is equal to the greater depth of the inclined 1960.
Nevertheless the bass is there, thank you good woods used at the time.
However, the back panel is too thin for my taste and deserves an insulating layer.

I also have the model 2 x 12 (2049 reference) that does exactly the same size: the 2 X 12 biggest oversized Marshall has ever released, and for once the bass is by appointment!

The photo of the cab on AudioFanzine is not good, so I attached a.

You plug, you send ... (Marshall - 2068 Artiste [1971-1978])

By voxac30a, 06/06/2012
All 100W Lamp: 4 X 4 X 12AX7 + EL34
2 independent channels an acute and a more serious with each other
2 inputs per channel
Reverb + Presence

The configuration is not made out a sound that twists, it's straight and clear ...


You plug, you send ...
You move a knob and it is beautiful anyway ...

The reverb transformer, is not the original hit that buzz a little when we put a lot ...
But I do not like the reverb ...

on the other hand, this is a portable mover ...


Basically I do not break too much with the head is kind of amp, I do everything thoroughly:
The cabinet is not the original model that should be open (His clear obligation ...)
So with the closed, inevitably, it compresses,
This allows me to put it back without dying the first notes ...
(Ears protected of course, I'm not stupid non-plus)
which allows to appreciate all its made for taking his ...
Less strong, the sound is obviously also magically vintage ...

The cabinet is an original ballfe higher than the "classic" with an opening at the top between the 2 HP, which should give them more "slamming" (I guess) ...

I play a G & L ASAT Classic and a TS9 (occasionally),
but take my word for it) with a Les Paul Standard, is to cry so beautiful ...


I use really since one month, because I just did revise and change the power tubes ...

I try a lot and my favorite remains the Marshall JCM800 (no 900 2000 or out of pity)

For the price, this is my first amp so "yes" ...
This is not the sound that I'm dreaming, but it's great fun to make it sound ...
I have a VOX AC30TB, my next will be a twin, and a 800 ...
What Else?

Plus: Sound
The Cons: weight, but I do not want to do so in concert, no less ...

his excellent vintage (Marshall - 2068 Artiste [1971-1978])

By golgothone, 19/04/2011
All tube amp: 4 x 12AX7 and 4 x EL34
by jack connectors
100 W
2 channels: 1 serious, acute, and the 2nd flight + reverb same thing
2 inputs per channel




typed sounds hendrix, blues etc and even attacking the metal inputs


from 82, with some infidelity for another marshall, a mesa, a jc120 an orange head

laudag's review (Marshall - 2040 Artiste [1971-1978])

By laudag, 24/12/2009
Photo by delegates from a front view (bottom photo) and a top view with rglages (top photo) combo amp on wheels while lamp 50 W with two speakers from the years 70 (74 it). Two channels, each with two entrances: one channel with simple rglages (volume, treble bass) channel with rglages more complete (volume, medium rather acute, severe reverberation). One button on / off button + a standby At rear exit for PA + more ... Are natural crunch according rglages of knobs.


Simple setup, no manual, its easy to get shades of playing on rglages and according to the selected channel.


Perfect for blues and rock. Fatty rglages are possibilities but its clear.


I've had ... 25. My first amp. Rcemment rvis because the speakers had suffered and some components (lamps and a few transistors) taient fatigus. The natural distortion throws a lot, but it is a bit heavy for a combo, while remaining portable.