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Marshall JCM2000 TSL

Marshall TSL60

User reviews on Marshall JCM2000 TSL products

Excellent amp! (Marshall - TSL100)

By allig4tor, 17/05/2014
All-tube amp.
See the features in the advice given above.


I did not have the manual, but it is doing very well if you have not used this type of amp

The clean is really good: one of the best Marshall clean that I've tried!
The crunch is really the strong point of this amp one obtains the typical sound of the JCM800 without deafen half the neighborhood.
The lead channel is good too, but requires lower treble, under penalty of being slightly too loud (for my taste)

The reverb is excellent.


Suited to rock and hard rock.

Used with a strat and a les paul.


For years, I tried a number of amps: this is one of those who has impressed me the most, in terms of sound quality and versatility.

The value for money is very good!

THE sound Marshall (Marshall - TSL100)

By theraven, 11/05/2014
All lamps (4 * 4 * 12AX7 + EL34)

1 guitar input
1 footswitch jack
2 effects loops
1 emulated output
3 speaker outputs

100 watts RMS (25 watts RMS switchable by pressing a button on the front)

Integrated spring reverb


Sound very easily, which sounds off immediately obtained.

Note that the sound becomes less noisy once the bias set to 82mV (very simple to do).

At first, the sight of all those buttons may seem unsettling, but once try a few hours, it becomes very intuitive and easy to adjust.

The manual provides information that can be used by persons not familiar with this type of amp.


With 3 channels (clean, crunch and lead), it really gets all the sounds you want, ranging from pop to metal, to pop rock, rock, blues, hard rock, etc. ...

It is very versatile and great on all channels!

(I play it with a Gibson SG, a Fender Marauder and an Ibanez Prestige, and the head is connected to a 4x12 JCM 800 lead series)


Bought it a few months ago.

I had the opportunity to have a lot of different amps in recent years, and this amp is the one who has more than most.
Unlike everyone else, I'll keep this one.

Excellent quality / price ratio!

very good amp! (Marshall - TSL602)

By fredlagratte, 01/12/2013
as said by other users: 60W lamps full, 3-channel settings "vintage" or "modern" ... well, pretty versatile
DEFAULT: 36 kg for a single handle .... attention to lumbago!


As with any amp, 3-band EQ with ... only downside regarding the Crunch channel and lead using the same settings


its clear frankly good for a Marshall Crunch in the pure state of mind AC / DC Lead a bit messy when the gain exceeds 5
Amp goes everywhere but not typical metal (blues and rock at will!)


I use it for 5 years and have had no problems with amp .... very interesting and delivers well but do not hesitate to raise the master volume beyond 7 to react well
I recommend it to those who love the Marshall sound!

My first-ever Marshall dissapointment. (Marshall - TSL602)

By racerevlon, 25/11/2012
The Marshall TSL602 is a 60-watt 2 x 12 Guitar Amplifier with three channels, one clean and two overdrive. The amplifier is powered by two EL34 power valves and driven by four ECC83 preamp valves. The speakers on-board are two specially-designed "Wolverine" speakers made and voiced specially for this combo by Celestion. The clean channel has a dedicated EQ and the Overdrive channels share an EQ. All of the standard Marshall appointments are on-board: Effects loop with mix control, Deep Switch and Tone Shift, and an emulated line out.


I purchased this amp the same week I purchased my DSL401 1x12 combo so I had a great basis for comparison. The TSL602 is a 2x12 combo with 4 ECC83 preamp valves and 2 EL34 power valves. The speakers are custom "Wolverine" speakers that to my ears needed to be replaced due to overall flat tone. I tried replacing the preamp valves with both Ruby Select tubes and Mullard reissues. Nothing helped the tone of this amp. Even using a 4 x 12 extension cab with 2 x Vintage 30 and 2 x GT12-75 drivers the tone just didn't stand up. Plugging the DSL401 into the same cab yielded brilliant, complex, sweet overdrive... classic Marshall. Even on its own the DSL401 tone destroyed the TSL60.


I play most of my standard Dimarzio-equipped Neal Moser guitars, Ibanez, and Gibson guitars such as Les Pauls and SGs. The TSL seemed a little unstable compared to the DSL. The footswitch was jittery and due to the tone of the speakers I couldn't tell if they were blown or just sounded poorly. I wouldn't gig this amp at all.

I don't know if it was the difference between the power valves (4 x EL84 vs. 2 x EL34) or the speaker complement, or just that this is a poorly-designed amp, but I just couldn't get a useable tone out of it. The other thing that I found audacious is that the DSL is represented as a 2-channel amp (Clean and Overdrive) with a second, boosted overdrive that is a simple +20db boost on the OD1 channel. The TSL is represented as a three-channel amp. I don't really see where calling the +20db boost a third channel magically transforms it, even if you add an independent gain or reverb control. Everything about this amp was just flat, even with pedals, external EQ, etc. I eventually sold this amp and kept the DSL401 which still produces brilliant tones to this day.


I think for the price of the TSL line anyone would be better served spending the money on a DSL and enjoying better sonic quality. Unless something miraculous happens I'll never own another Marshall TSL amp.