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Marshall JCM900 SL-X

Marshall 2100 SL-X JCM900 Master Volume [1993-1999]

User reviews on Marshall JCM900 SL-X products

not be the worst amp marshall (Marshall - 2500 SL-X JCM900 Master Volume [1993-1999])

By nomorecelinedion, 21/06/2011
see below






good. Marshall JCM 2000 TSL100 I made soul, then the time of the repair shop lent me this one. I thought it would be better than the jcm 2000, which I thought would be very hard. Well if it's possible to do worse. my use is live, we play punk hardcore hard, next to the bass (Ampeg SVT) and the other guitar (Sovtek) Well it's been six concerts that I barely audible (in fact it is not m does not intend ...) if I push the sound, it hisses, whistles but then ca. Under these conditions it is not even worth trying to set a sound as we must do everything thoroughly to pass over the drum and bass, and finally everything else.
Trio in use, it's not too bad, but like to repeat that the may suffice, but in concert, it's useless.
then, for someone looking for an amp that spits out, you fold on a 51/50, a Sovtek, an orange, or else in a marshall jcm 800 or 900 dual.

Zed_43's review (Marshall - 2100 SL-X JCM900 Master Volume [1993-1999])

By Zed_43, 27/04/2011
100 watt amp, all lamps.
The mine is mounted in 5881.
Single channel, but 2 different volumes footswichables.
Bass, Mid, High
Preamp gain
Gain amplifiers
A Master Volume and Master Volume B.
The amp has a effects loop.


Usage is fairly intuitive.
In my view, the presence of knob is always a 10.
Low on 9 / 10 and the treble instead of 4 / 5, midlles 6. The amp has a tendency to strike quickly if they are not sharp rises above 5 / 6.
Readily obtained a good sound, however, over time, we learn to know this amp and really fine adjustments effectively!
The two volumes are really a plus: I go into volume B (set a bit stronger than A) for solos to pierce the mix!
For cleans, well, you have to play on the volume knob on my guitar! With a single channel such as this, we can have a clean, crunch and a big distortion of just playing the guitar volume pot and passing a microphone to the other!


This amp fits me like a glove. He really has the sound I wanted.
Over time, I learned to really refine my settings.
I played with a standard LP in 2007 and '67 Flying V 1990 and I play mostly hard rock, heavy metal.
The mine is mounted in 5881. I counted, before the amp change for EL34 from all accounts I've read.
When I tried the amp in a cash converter, I fell in love. When I had enough money, he was gone, I waited a year before finding one on the site itself (small annoce).
I kept my 5881 and does not change accounts!
This amp really sounds great. The master volume is really effective. You can have a good sound was reasonable volume.
on the other hand, up 2.5 / 3 on the master volume was very little sound.
The amp sounds very hard, AC bracket, it's heavy sound!!

Many people tend tend to confuse it with the JCM900 dual reverb. This amp has nothing to see, and is, to my taste, well above! It is closer JCM800 with more gain and without the necessity to push the volume very hard to get the big distortion.


I've had maybe 4 years (I do not remember exactly), purchased through this site ad.
It is no longer sold new, in time, it can be found at 500 €, which gives us a quality / price excellent!
I tried many other amps, which, in gorsmarshall: JCM900 dual reverb, jcm200 tsl, jvm, JCM800 ... This is the JCM 900 SL-X was my favorite of all!
I would do this choice several times if necessary. I would even be willing to pay me another.
I'm curious to see what it gives EL34, but I like my sound so I'm afraid to lose by changing lamp!
FYI, I played on a 4x12 "in V30, which goes perfectly (already tested on 1960AV cabinet, cabinets mounted LadyLuck eminence in hp vox, G12H100 but none suited him as well as the V30!
This amp is a great value!!

Thunderbolt1480's review (Marshall - 2100 SL-X JCM900 Master Volume [1993-1999])

By Thunderbolt1480, 05/01/2010
JCM 900 SL-X 2100 and amended 5Ow passage EL34 (JJ) and Tungsol V1/JJecc83s V2etV3/EH12AX7A in V4. All on a 4x12 JCM900 1960 lead. So 5OW all lights and lamps in every single channel and no reverb but very fxloop loop practice and sound quality. The footswitch activates the second master volume. I put 10 because I like the simplicity Bon Marshall often means single channel! Just missing a reverb but there is a loop ....


Simpler is not possible! We get that great sound you just know how to play and have a good scratch! Equalizer is efficient (only on dual reverb) and games at low volume is possible. Big win and grain Marshall All Tube without transistors, brief but happiness!


I play blues rock, to hard, 80's thrash and stuff like Pantera, also of grunge and it does! Basically it goes from crunch AC / DC to Slayer .... After the styles for even more extreme no problem; a tube screamer or a good pedal to boost and an overdrive MXR 10 "eq in the loop for more low and to carve out pieces and mediums .... It is monstrous! The clean sounds are not the forte of SLX to crunch when it's going to depend on the guitar and play the volume knob works great. So any single channel is not asking either! is "HI GAIN" is therefore primarily for distortion but still with the famous Marshall grain that I like. This is the last good amp Marshall and nothing to do with a dual reverb or anything that has existed .... Soon it will surge as the JCM800 .... It's not my first series in the Marshall JCM900, head and combo, and SLX mk3 and county of origin in 5881 . IT is not the picture EL34 sound even better for dual reverb! The SLX original is very very good too and I encourage you to test it ....


That's happened since Chez Marshall? Not much! The JVM and JCM2000 not the same magic ... Best Head Marshall JCM800 2203 with the single channel! Here is a list of my old Marshall tube: Head JCM 900 DR 6L6; JCM DSL100 2OOO; VINTAGE MODERN 2X12 100W 50W.COMBO DR EL34.DSL 401.JVM 50W .... All KO against SL-X!

gibson marshall's review (Marshall - 2100 SL-X JCM900 Master Volume [1993-1999])

By gibson marshall, 02/05/2009
Marshall jcm 900 sl-x model 2100

It is an all-tube amp head straight at all (the others are jcm 900 all-tube distortion but requires transistors which nglige the quality thereof)
Dlivre-power is 100 watts (with a switch to limit to 50 watts)
He has 2 hps output (switch 4.8 or 16 ohms)
-D 'output for a transplant on a recorder
-A effects loop
-Presence, bass, middle, trebble, volumes a and b, and gain and master volume.

(APRS to what I was told would come from the sl slash of velvet revolver)

This amp is sending, we can manage to get a good sound even low volume.


The configuration is very simple bass, middle, trebble

the range of sound is huge can easily have the AC / DC hard well through much of nirvana is filthy have a clear allucinant!!

I personally purchase is I do not regret this purchase so I can not find out when the manual if it is complete but the product is no longer manufactured so I think it does not interest many people


For the style I play fits me nikel (AC / DC, dportivo, its hard rock and not metal)

I connect over a fender telecaster lite ash and a gibson sg faded level pedal I do not use but I would suggest a volume pedal to move more easily from clean and saturbr />
may have sound trs adjustable lens with a good clear sound and sound baveu or fat on the distortion is what I love about this amp

This amp is great but I think if we use a lot of its clear it will be harder to use but personally I do not resell it fits me like a gand


It's been barely a year as I was and I am pleased (I was just 600 euros in cash converters for those that his Interesa TElement)

its a hard punch of the best marshall I would not say the best but at least in the top 10 I love this sound saturation makes exercise very well chalereux rock

Avand dessu I play a Marshall Valvestate 8080 (I always) I used to certain repeated or there is no alternative

if like me you have the opportunity to fall on it in this price range that I had fixed 600 800 (it's the price I saw on ebay on average) so I think it's a good buy Minten must have the means

if it would remake a remake I !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but I reppette I is not often clear sound is the use you make that matters