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Marshall JVM4

Marshall JVM410H

User reviews on Marshall JVM4 products

just what I was looking (Marshall - JVM410H)

By gregours100, 18/08/2014
see other opinions or manufacturer's website, a Swiss Army knife guitarist loving his marshall.


4 channels each with three mode (green orange red) increasing the gain. a clean, a crunch, a od1 an e OD2. manual a bit light for those who have never used a head with a choice of ohm for hp and for the management of effect loops. programmable pedalboard with childlike ease.


I play rock / hard rock: acdc, guns, slashes Snakepit, pink floyd foo fighters and this amp fits perfectly with these styles. od1 orange gives acdc without red OD2 problem gives gary moore ... tt case with alnico pro2. And this is important because the guy that I bought some channels was very difficult to use gain with humbuckers while I should be me wonder. Small flat for the crunch channel is bland without adding an external equalization and a touch of Db2 boss. Excellent, both master volume. I used for a clean and cruch and one for od. I take a point for the cruch that does not really suit me.


I use it for 4 months and it suits me wonderfully. The only real problem with this amp is the neighbors because although it can be used in volume 2, the higher up the volume the sound is more enjoyable o). Those who post reviews saying that this amp is bad have either
- Ear problems
- The bad stuff upstream or downstream of the amp because hp, guitar and pedals are important. (Eg alnico humbucker vs) I just bought an EQ pedal and it gives yet another dimension to this amp. and if a bit is added to the compression was OD2 and sustain an infinite precision in picking in clean
- Musical tastes that do not fit with it as for the rock as described above, it is just perfect.

"THE" head! (Marshall - JVM410H)

By stephane.nlc, 29/12/2013
All-tube amplifier
Connections: 1 hall, 1 loop, 1 noon, the output cab to 4, 8 16 ohms!
Preferred connection: the midi input that I use with my boss GT8 connected via method 4 cables + a midi cable.
Thus, the GT8 provided modulations, equalizer ... and head provided the sounds ^ ^
3 types of sound arranged by channel
3 channels arranged
It covers quite a range of sound!


I have bought the Used without the manual.
It took me download one to use midi function (loggings that go with)
After some manipulations, some tests, we understand and treat.
As opportunities, that sounds as effective settings!
Obviously there's LE Marshall, but "not that".
We can get out of this beast a very distinctive metal sound.
I am not 10 out of 10 because it larsène loud when the volume and gain are high (my regular use) and c is THE negative for me. (Maybe the lights are tired)

The sounds are fa bu lous. We really pierces the mix on stage. A treat.


This head is perfect for my style of music.
A share may be extreme metal (?), I do not see what kind of music it should.
But it covers all styles after me.
What sounds do you get?
All clear sounds, all the crunch, all Satus :)
It is coupled with all the guitars that I could use:


"Les Paul
studio (490/498)
classic custom (P90)

"Flying V (496/500)


"EC1000 (Seymour duncan)

"KH602 OUIJA (EMG 81 and 85)


Marshall JCM 900 LEAD with 4 V30
Mesa Boogie Rectifier 2x12 horizontal
Without his super clean to saturated most high gain is really an experience


I use it for 1 year and a half

J was able to play on peavey 5501 (?), Hugh and Kettner, ENGL Powerball, Bugera 333 xl.
And for me, the jvm is the best in all respects.

I'd like to try a Mesa Boogie, a NOS or a Diezel to compare.

I use it with my Boss GT8 so the footswitch is useless to me. It seems complete and easy to use hyper. One more point then.

Equipped with a knob for adjusting the bias it deserves a 10 out of 10, and even 11 out of 10!

I find the new prices of all heads "upscale" exaggerated, so I must go with the second hand market, so in these circumstances, I repeat that choice closed eyes and ears wide open :)

Rock n Roll! (Marshall - JVM410H)

By Adrien_mix_you, 08/07/2013
head 100W


super simple

Gets it easy to sound good? ooooooh yes!


I love this amp! its clear nickel, Overdrive, super cool, good on the other hand I never use the 2nd, it's a little too mushy after.


I long ago and I love it, I would change it for anything in the world! it suits me perfectly! CA SONNE! all with a big Les Paul Custom with a Telecaster!




The perfect cab! (Marshall - JVMC212)

By eikichi8, 07/05/2013
I use it for a very short time, and this time only at home. Soon I testerais the beast on stage.

I have not tried many other models. I used to have a Marshall 4x12 cab with the "famous" G12T-75.
While my previous two negative 4x12 points:
1 / I play on a Blackstar HT Club 50, only possible connection head without Modified: mono 8 ohms. He though it lacks potato! I would tend to argue that a 4x12 is more the companion of a 100 W head than anything else ...
2 / G12T-75: I'm not going to revive the age-old debate, but I did not like the texture of these HP. Too soft, mediums that lack definition and the treble obliged to tone and trebble thoroughly to get the sound that suited me the most.

So I searched for a 2x12 (also easier to transport). I turned to the famous V30 but listening (via youtube I compared dozens of HP, very convenient) I was a bit scared of criad side of their excellence in the high mids. We then talked about the Marshall cabinet JVMC212: a V30 and a G12H30 Heritage (very good bass and treble) and I finally left it.

I am fully satisfied, the marriage of these two HP is just perfect! I get to have ALL the sounds I am looking for marriage and with my head Blackstar is ideal! It is also good for hair cell dimensions thereof.
The cab is compact and is easily transportable with two side handles. The construction is solid, the Tolex of good quality, a good short cab Marshall on that side.

The price (520 € on Thomann) is quite high, but there already for 300 € HP inside ... Rest € 200 for the construction, distribution and margin manufacturers and wholesalers. Come on, this is a budget but quality has a price.

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