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User reviews on Metronome products

Boss DR-90 Metronome (Boss - DB-90 Dr. Beat)

By mtebaldi, 10/05/2010
I'm a drummer. I'm originally from Brazil. I play in a band called Glint.

As important as owing your own drum kit is to own a great metronome. I previously owned the DB-88, which I already thought to be an awesome machine. But the new features that comes with DB-90 makes this addition to the line of Boss metronomes even sweater. Coming now with a MIDI input, a Rhythm Coach and an auto power off function that turn the metronome off after 60 minutes of not being used, plus all the 88's old features, like the note mixing and reference tone.

I bought mine for $150 in a drum shop but you can get it for a little less online.

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The thing I like the most besides being able to write and save your own patterns and signatures is the tone reference function which is a great ally on drum tuning. Also, this machine is very user friendly.

The DB 90 comes with a LCD display, MIDI, headphones and instrument inputs, 5 octave tonal reference range and it's powered by ac current or dry battery.

This metronome is probably the best one you will find in the market. Filled with very cool features making practicing a lot fun. This is a fantastic tool not only for beginners as for pro drummers.

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Boss DB-30 Metronome (Boss - DB-30 Dr. Beat)

By MGR/ShackMan, 06/02/2011
I've used this metronome in all of my years as a student as well as as a teacher. I've been playing piano seriously since I was just a little boy and bass since middle school. I'm currently not in a band...just teaching at the moment. It's palm-sized and black. More to follow in the review...

I got it because I needed a portable metronome. It was only about $30 at the time I purchased it from Volkwein's (one of the last purchases I ever made there...) back in 2002 or so. It was cheap, and the Boss Dr. Beat series has gotten plenty of well-deserved good press, so it was an easy decision.

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Incredibly long battery life, for one thing. I've only had to change the battery four or five times in those 8 years that I've owned it, and considering the fact that I use it daily, that's not bad at all. It'll do anything from 2/4 to 7/4 with a couple clave rhythms inbetween, and it'll play various subdivisions within that structure. It also has a little clip on the back so it can sit on your belt or on a music stand. Definitely helpful. It can also be used to give drone notes for tuning instruments or having something to tune to in exercises for string instruments. Having a headphone jack helps as well, especially for use in live performances when a song's tempo is critical.

I would like to see more polyrhythms and styles represented, and I'd like more control over what subdivisions are played, but that's something that is already represented in a higher model. So I guess I'm not really complaining with this one. I'm just ready to move on.

It's plenty sturdy, looks sleek, and plays great.

The Dr. Beat metronomes are the best drummers you'll ever play with. And you can carry them in your pocket.

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KORG MA-30 METRONOME - Wish it was louder (Korg - MA-30)

By tonmazz, 06/08/2012
Ok so what can you say about a Metronome, it should keep time and have a good range of speeds, this one does that from 40 to 208BPM. Instruction manual is very good and explains the features in enough detail to understand. It looks good and appears to be built pretty well for what it is. It also has a beat tap feature to get the tempo just where you want it to be. It also has a sound calibration button to choose from 12 different pitches. Comes with earphone jack, memory backup and the big one for me, adjustable volume. 250 hour battery life as well which is fantastic. That is all fine and dandy except for one big isn't loud enough, even with headphones. I bought this for my son to use with his drums and he can't hear the darn thing loud enough to use it for drums. For the sake of being fair, I think it serves guitar players very well and is loud enough for that purpose. It seems to be a nice metronome and I have used it for my guitar playing but I wish it was louder and I could appreciate all of the great features I mentioned above for my son's drum lessons. Also to be fair, this was suggested by my son's Berkley educated drum teacher so maybe we are doing something wrong. I just have to believe there is something better out there that maybe has it's own amplifier and can put out a louder tone. I have to conclude that this is probably ok for some people but we have just found it to be inadequate for our purpose. I have not tried any others as of yet but I have to say I will need to in the near future. Can't really give this high marks based on the volume.

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[NAMM] Korg Humidi-Beat

Published on 01/19/12
Korg's Humidi-Beat is a portable metronome with a built-in thermometer and hygrometer.

Korg MA-1 Solo Metronome

Published on 08/29/11