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a tool well thought - Reviews Heil Sound HH-1

fixing micro


good day I used Audix D-Vice for a long time. and I know not very suitable á my expectations. But it did not clamp ny s á most suitable to my needs.
Pacé micro stably on toms. And offering me different possibility for a microphone positioned quickly and surely. J uses Live in clubs so different sometimes 3 Group 2 battery change ...
j still uses K & M 24030 for ev 468.
Good to come to HH1. it is set on you tom á vis the dune and with two metal plates which are tightened. a foam is glued to it to protect the instrument and softening vibration of the clamp. Can be attached to the suspension tom with a d vice impossible.
It opens quite a kick to hang á, But it's a lot and I know for a concert, but worked for a sound check with a beta 52 and above c is heavy.
Proper (c is mega hard to write a microphone clip) microphone placement for a lot of possibilities up smoothly and quickly screw that locks the microphone makes me feel good. And it rises very high, you can take the distance from the source. But the most interesting thing is the ability to switch back and forth all of the support arm of the microphone. This opens a lot of investment opportunity. A flat á flush tom or third floor of the dive. All the follies are possible as a stand without these disadvantages. Not yet tried with micro style sm 57 but if you return the screw c is possible. I'd edict soon. A little to "suffer" the hardware front.

Tom mounting very strong and thought.
Super microphone placement.
the price will tell

a little trick to not lose the screws microphone. A stroke of E tape (adhesive tape electrician) and voila. To set a style micro 57 there is a notch that allows the screw to pull back, or of the possible loss.