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User Review

sonicsnap's review - JVC RV-NB1

This stuff is killer! What sound!
Lovers reggae, dub, hip hop and electro music, do not try something else! The ghetto blaster bass (and even the sub-bass) are the most monstrous, which does not prevent the rest of the caning frquences STRID ..
Saying he does not watt 2x20 modrment that information on its musical power.
Look carefully on the internet, I found 170. A misra seen his qualities and his many sonic possibilities: CD (Including CDs serious mp3) player / recorder K7, AM / FM (30 stations prrglables) remote control, clock / radio, wake up, among and between electric guitar line.
The little reservations: In "CD", the batteries wear out very quickly. On the other hand, I made the first copy to me after six years of heavy use (CD HS) .. "Fragile", it might be saying much, but I recommend however not to brutalize the bte too ..
In total, I put 10/10 on the report qualit-possibilits-son/prix really amazing!

[edit to 10/11/2008] Here prs two years since I type down this review. Meanwhile, many have asked me AFiens o I had the "boombox" that price. I did a lot of happy by distributing this content. UNFORTUNATELY, I just found this site, located in Germany, LATEST disappeared. Feedback, the "Boombox", which adsormais chang REFERENCES (JVC RV NB20, it is now white or black instead of khaki), has become quite difficult to find in our counters, prices closer to 300 .. If anyone of you found, a random search, a better price, let us know, a lot of people INTERESTED! If I find a good address, I will modify this new view, but alas it is here the more the trouble to contact me ..