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Video review of Audified MixChecker

Check Please! The MixChecker plug-in from Audified makes it possible to reference your mix on a wide range of simulated speaker types to see how it translates. How well does it work? Find out in this video review. read more…

A review of SampleMagic Magic AB Version 2

A/B-ing Just Got Easier When the original Magic A/B came out a couple of years ago, I was pretty blown away by it, because it made the important process of A/B-ing a mix a lot easier. Now SampleMagic has rewritten the application from the ground up, and what was already an excellent plug-in has gotten significantly better. read more…

User reviews on Other Music Software products

Works brilliantly (Rejoice - Rejoice v.1.6 [Freeware])

By Jake Miall, 16/12/2018
This app is amazing and it works great with any DAW including: FL Studio, REAPER, Ableton. It also works with Synthesia which surprised me because it meant I could use my specially made Xbox 360 USB MIDI Keyboard with my PC again because it worked like a basic X-Input device with every key on a section of the left analog stick.

Decent software (Rejoice - Rejoice v.1.6 [Freeware])

By moistboy64, 18/02/2019
This goes really hard, im too broke to afford a DJ controller so i've been using this and LoopBE1 to use 2 PS4 controllers as a decks and a mixer. I need a minimum of 50 words for this review lmao. The software works pretty well for me just sayin.

Amazing! (Rejoice - Rejoice v.1.6 [Freeware])

By carlcaulkett, 19/02/2019
I can honestly say that this software has changed my life! It's the perfect combination of simplicity and functionality. It's so easy to use and the documentation is a masterpiece of tech prose. Of course, I must mention the ease of the website involved in downloading the software. 'Twas child's play!

News Other Music Software

satYatunes has announced the release of Glacier White skin for DUNE 3

Published on 03/16/19
satYatunes has announced the release of Glacier White skin for Synapse-Audio DUNE 3.

Friday's Freeware: DDMF Transport

Published on 04/08/16

Feature Articles Other Music Software

Compare Your Mix to That of a Professional for Valuable Sonic Guidance

Published on 08/13/14
Compare Your Mix to That of a Professional for Valuable Sonic Guidance
Referencing your mix against an existing recording via the process known as “A/B-ing,” is a great way to check the quality of your work and help you overcome inaccurate studio acoustics. Here in part…

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