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User Review

Incredible - Reviews Hufschmid Guitars H6E

Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
12" neck, slight bevel for the right arm to rest on while playing. Natural wood finish. 24"
The guitar is handmade in Switzerland by luthier Patrick Hufschmid.
The H6E is the basic model with a volume, tone and 3 way pickup selector. The volume knob is very sensitive and it is very easy to clean up the signal. I rarely use the tone know, but it is the same story there, very sensitive adjustments.
Pickups are handmade from Kent Armstrong him self, very clean sounding.
Hardware is hipshot products, can't remeber the exact specs, but it works just like it's supposed to.
Sapelli Mahogany neck and body, West African Ebony fretboad.


All frets are easy to access, cutouts are perfect. The bevel on top of the body makes a perfect resting place the your lower arm while playing. The guitar is nicely balanced while playing, just the right weight. The tone and volume knobs are very sensitive and give a wide range of adjustments.
The action is low, no stringbuzz. Adjustments to the guitar is self is also very easy if you need to do some work.

This is a guitar with an oil finish, not coats and coats of lacquer. This instrument breathes, it needs more care than some CNC'd 1/1000000 guitars that are out there. But with normal good care this instrument with last for generations.


I use this with an crappy old Peavy 50 watt transistor amp, Line 6 HD500. I feel that I can play any typ of music with it. It's not a metal guitar, nor is it a Jazz guitar. To me it's a guitar that can be used for anything. As for the sound of the pickups they are bright, yet warm. And like stated earlier, very easy to adjust the sound/tone to get what you want.


This is by far the best guitar I've every played. It feels incredible, sounds amazing. I had never tried another Hufschmid guitar before I got my own. Simple reason, they are hard to get a hold of. They are made by order and there are not that many out in circulation. I've played other custom/non custom of most brands, but this just feels the best to me.

Next time I'm looking into buying a guitar, a Hufschmid will be on the very top of my list.
The value of this guitar is nothing short of amazing. It's quite basic in regards to what you get, but I need a guitar with a volume and tone know, pickup selector. That's it. I get that, just with 100% quality throughout the whole instrument.