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User reviews on Other Software products

SUPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (ZAQ Audio - Zaquencer)

By la batte, 04/11/2014
Software to install on your computer via a Behringer BCR2000 a midi output
Installation is simple following the pdf manual provides
no manual is the galley to allow software
configuration is rather simple once you understand the new machine operation


you need a small software on your computer to send the new firmware in the bike, my mac was equipped with series apparently everything was done almost alone
once the new software is installed, the computer need more
BCR becomes your sequencer tracks 4 and 32 not
with a lot of possible function to set the sequencer, live act on the length of the sequence, the beginning of the sequence, the end etc ......


I use it for 15 days
a little difficult the first few hours without the sticker sold on the site
I urge you to order for € 19 more, it was a great sticker that can give a new function button on the BCR
from there, no need for manual (in English only), it rolls alone there are easily the desired functions
So for less than 200 € (software, sticker, and an opportunity for bcr my case), I find myself with a great 4-track sequencer, 32 steps
4 tracks can order notes, chords saved preset, or a drum track with 16 parts
the bcr with 2 outputs noon, I order on track 1, my Drum2 north, with 6 separate tracks for each sound,
track 2 on my north G2 (its 1) on track 3 my north G2 (its 2) on track 4 my moog little phatty ......
192 patterns available for storing its compounds
part mixer for each track transfer
short so I stood my old BCR and he takes a central place in my set
I'm trying to find an equivalent but at this price there is nothing better
unbeatable value for money
I would do this choice with his eyes closed !!!!!
go for it you will not regret it !!!!!!!!!!!!

Perfect (Jan Eidtmann - Prodatum)

By citron69, 06/05/2014
It is a freeware and full editor for the E-mu Proteus P1000 P2000 series is to say that you are concerned if you have any of the following expendeurs:
Proteus 2000
Virtuoso 2000
Xtreme Lead-1
Planet Earth
Orbit 3
Proteus 1000
Turbo Phatt
Vintage Pro

The software detects the expander and Roma it.


The new version 2.0.0 works perfectly on my Win7 64bit PC.


I can - finally - to fully utilize my Vintage Pro (with orch cards and X LEAD1) modulate in all directions and use 50 filters available.

Free and totally revolutionary (Apple - iBook Author)

By Hanitra, 10/02/2013
Trouble-free installation

No configuration problem on my system
It is possible to run iBooks Author on Snow Leopard with a little manipulation.

No incompatibilities found

Manual clear and not sufficient for the moment we can not find a video tutorial in French


Mac book pro + Lion
Processor 2.4 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo

Memory 4 GB DDR3 1067 MHz

The software works perfectly on my computer, incredible stability.


I use this software for 3 months, there is no other software of its kind on the market.

I discovered by chance, and I find it incredible that anyone in the music does not speak.

This application allows you to create Multi-Touch books enriched with music, video, image galleries, interactive images and 3D objects.

This format is currently only playable on the iPad tablet from Apple brand.

It is a revolution on many levels for all designers and artists:

It can be its own digital book publisher.

It provides the ability to continuously update its books and republish them (validation process two days to release the iBook store).

For the moment only Apple offers such a format for digital books, because of the technological backwardness of all other tablets that merely provide reading book EPUB (no sound no videos text and photos ).

Distribution is global and direct iBookstore with 70% commission to the artist and 30% for Apple, but it is currently impossible to sell on other platforms.

The only requirement for the distribution fee is to get a U.S. tax number (39 euros via the specialized example of the writer Remy Giemza).

What I like: The publish button that provides direct access to the publication on the ibook store from Apple.
(This is like a huge arm to honor any music publishing, I said that I suffered greatly in this environment)

I was surprised to be the first artist in the world to use the media and all the possibilities of this format to publish my works.

This software is free.

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