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Sensomusic Usine Hollyhock II Review

Music in Bloom There are lots of software solutions for live performance. Strangely enough, Sensomusic's Usine Hollyhock II doesn't come up on the radar as often as other products. And yet... read more…

User reviews on Modular sequencer products

I urge (Xt Software - energyXT 2.5)

By Meg@pixels, 30/11/2011
For smaller configurations it works flawless but also works for large)
My personal example, I use it on an Acer netbook Atom 1.6GHz, 10.1-inch portable computer, and I used to work dvelopper my ides especially MIDI with some plug-in effects and VSTi is seen on the power of the machine should not expect to mix all a pack of audio tracks, VST effect and because the machine will not follow, but to work in midi + qques effects is enough.
Then I was free to finish on a bigger squenceur at home. The advantage of this solution Netbook + energyXT is to focus on the composition and the establishment of the song.
It is a good way to always have a notepad with you musical, we made a small template and it is a prs in two seconds start songs (EXT starts in a split second, which nest not so large as squenceurs Cubase).
Although lcran be limited to the 1024 * 600, EXT is the only squenceurs of my knowledge that allows plug-ins Dover with larger display resolutions, Open plug-in> right click > new dock and you can see the plug in its total thanks to Systmes to scroll vertically and horizontally (Acesta a good idea).
Otherwise its a simple squenceur trs somewhat in the style of Cubase but more allger. There is also the ct modular is nice, can see a whole DIFFERENT routing of modules.
The only real criticism, but as I ca cest nengage table mix that I find no trrible. Not easy to do with the sidechain EXT.
Rsultat shopping, I recommend it to small config, fixed on a PC can have all had to finish a project without concern, it is more skinable, cheap and easy of use.

Great (Sensomusic - Usine 5)

By mrpessoa, 26/07/2011
Easy installation: unzip it and it launches.

General config like other daw, and less scattered and perhaps more synthetic (I compare to my Cubase 6).

No incompatibilities. For cons, the file should not be read-only, and I run it in administrator mode, otherwise plant does not work perfectly.

Clear and comprehensive manual in English, clear and sufficient in French. Note: The community is incredibly responsive! As soon as you have a problem, which we post on FA or on the website of Sensomusic, very quickly we get an effective response to get out!

7 64-bit Windows PC, i5 2.5 GHz, 12 GB RAM, 2 dd 1 TB 7200 rpm.
Note: Factory works great as 64 bits, but for now it launches the 32-bit VST.

Overall, everything works well and stably. I plant the last few weeks: the few concerns I have are quickly resolved thanks to information from the community.

I use plant for several weeks.

Factory before, I tried a lot of DAW, but it is especially Cubase that I know well.

What I like least about Factory: startup can be quite hard on a modular software. There is an adjustment period, at least for beginners like myself.

What I like about plant: it seems that one can do anything. The software is brilliantly designed. Once the spirit of assimilated plant is endless fun to design and refine its patches. I can not wait to get to know all the modules to make all my ideas of computer music.

Amazing value for money. When we see that pro workstations can cost more than 5 times more for stability and usability far less well thought ...

I do it again this election, yes!

just an H-bomb (Sensomusic - Usine 5)

By, 21/09/2010
The instalation is not one bit simpler: the yen has not!

deszip it just the folder or you will, launches usine.exe and go.
Convenient, portable that fits on a USB key.

I just changed my laptop to an HP envy15 core 4gb ram i7Q720@1.6gh
HD 7200RPM 320m running Seven 64-bit. It turns serious plant Enjoy the multithreaded configurable.

I use it for 2 years and this app really mess with my my habits.
I am totally acrro, I arrive late at work, with my fried jme
girlfriend, in short it was divided into the hard drugs).

The possibilities are endless, modularity is brilliantly designed by
Olivier is a really listening to users. Plant really
a soul that makes it incomparable to another app does by
Large equipped, pout it seems that there are many people behind
but no, Olive is the work of 10 people hallucinating .. c The report
money is seen unprecedented opportunities of the beast. I
Max hacked, but c super clumsy compared to the factory, and
interfacing / multitouch is no comparison.
I like the most c limitless modularity makes you feel really free to implement its ideas blus crazy, cool community and the presence of Olivier and investment is unusual and remarkable.

I would do this choice to 23000 percent.
for those who are interested I am preparing a patch dedicated to the control of live via osc.
V2 is the finish is to be very soon.

News Modular sequencer

Sensomusic launches Usine Hollyhock II DAW

Published on 03/24/15
Sensomusic has released the new version of its Usine Hollyhock DAW, available in two editions, both with a special price for a limited time.

Usine Hollyhock updated to v1.1

Published on 02/28/14

Sensomusic Usine Stage 5.8 is free

Published on 01/10/14

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