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User Review

Malpares's review - Planet Waves Classic Instrument Cable

I use it for about 6-7 months, a vendor who advised me I jou to beginners on Yellow cables is really bad, almost every month I had to change ... Since I use the Planet Waves, I have much less noise, trs a good quality sound, this jack is trs more solid, do not move when it is plugged into the guitar and is "guaranteed life" (watch all of the same, it is better to keep your receipt if you ve him back to the store).
I use this jack to connect my pedals my guitar (my pedals are unfortunately linked together by small jacks Yellow! I have not found any other store!) And I connect my dernire PDAL my amp with a jack that is pretty good (+ j'me remember the brand) but I will soon change: I replaced with my Planet Waves CGT-20 and a Planet Waves achter PW-AG (with mute) to connect my guitar to the rest of my stuff! Vive Planet Waves!