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Barco/High End Systems Studiopix

StudioPix is a hybrid wide-angle moving yoke LED wash light with programmable graphic imaging, and the second product in High End Systems’ new line of Pixelation Luminaires.

Smaller than its predecessor Showpix, StudioPix features a circular array of 61 homogenous 3-watt LEDs on a 13.5-inch diameter head with an output of 11,500 RGB lumens. The pixels can project not just color, but also display images and effects that transform the fixture head into a display device.


StudioPix is equipped with 411 PixelArt Stock Content animations and patterns for lighting design. Users can also upload their own content through the new HES Echo application, a software program offering content visualization, management and RDM management features. The Echo application optimizes and maps the images to the 61 LED pixels of StudioPix.


StudioPix’s features allow for "user creativity," including color mixing, rotation, scale, wipes, dissolves, transitions between layers, strobing and dimming. The DMX Scratch feature allows a user to synchronize the frames of a media file to music in real time. Using a pixel mapping protocol, the user may also individually control each LED for more creative programming effects.


Because there are no lamps to replace, this also means there are no associated labor costs involved, the company states, adding that there are also lower maintenance costs because of the fixture’s limited moving parts. This supposedly reduces the total cost of ownership as compared to traditional light fixtures.


Check out this page for full product specs.