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Barco/High End Systems Showbeam 2.5

The High End Systems Showbeam 2.5 automated wash luminaire features a jointly developed Philips MSR 2500-watt lamp source.


Barco  says that a smooth field, soft-edge illumination is produced using a new radial lenticular homogenizing lens system that provides the fixture with a signature look on stage. In addition, the dedicated wash light includes a user changeable fixed color wheel, a variable CTO, a full CMY color mixing system and the ability to produce an 11-degree fixed hard-edge profile with fast color change and Electronic Strobe. The hard/soft-edge profile can be zoomed from 11 to 33 degrees.


A new effect, the Twin Beam, can be produced whereby two discrete hard-edge beams exit the fixture upon operator command, with variable control over the Twin Beam deviation and rotation speed with little degradation of brightness. The Twin Beam can also be varied by adding incremental color via the CMY color mixing system. Showbeam 2.5 incorporates the LED tracking system that encircles the lens, a feature that debuted with its Showgun predecessor.


Check out this link for full product specs.