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Ultimate-Fucking-Tube-Screamer - Reviews Ibanez TS808 Tube Screamer Reissue

Tube Screamer TS808 version "Grand Guru of the pedal" ...

Components-rare, sorted on top.
-Gain settings changed: more than the original, but ... less, for a more clean;)


The classic 3 knobs: Level, Tone, Overdrive, yes it is simple ...
The adjustment of tone has improved, we obtain a range of its much broader than the original.
According to the amp, guitar, pickups, effects, sound volume, the settings will of course never the same ...
The combinations are endless.


Keeley has sublimated the original TS808 (already cool at the base), making it more organic, transparent and musical ...

In boost it provides heat, momentum, she opened her literally to the point that its absence can be very embarrassing if only one gets used.

In only generates overdrive, the grain is beautifully vintage and musical performances despite increased thanks to the headroom considerably higher than the original. On a stratocaster rendering is superb, authentic.

Keeley's work is also much in the balance of the equalizer that will respect you much more material, including through the mediums down while increasing the bass and treble.
It is rather quiet but beware, it can of course blow if the settings are not appropriate.
Also note that the TS along very well with other pedals, overdrives, compressors, boosters, which is not the case with all the pedals ...


I like the overdrive, without having tried them all, I focused on what is best.
After years of research, I kept 4: FullDrive Mosfet, the FuzzHead Keeley, the BB Preamp and Keeley TS808 ...
I'm not saying these are the best is subjective, but I say that on my hardware (LP Seymour Aph1 rise, rise Fender Stratocaster 57/62 + Ceriatone Marshall clone Jubilee) is what sounds the best to my ears.
Nevertheless, these pedals provide a lot of nice things to the sound of a tube amp ...

The first 3 are already acclaimed here, I wanted to make my contribution on the TS ...
It is expensive, very expensive, € 275 new on Ebay or at Keeley ... and addresses, I think, for enthusiasts, both professional and amateurs (slightly crazy).