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Legendary! - Reviews Ibanez TS808 Tube Screamer Reissue

Overdrive pedals analog input jack between one, an output jack output.
Three potentiomtres: Overdrive (rate of gain), Tone (Tone general) and Level (volume effect). It is difficult to rgler prcisment.
A switch on / off, easy to activate but I feel that after several years of use, it has fragilis ...
The pedals can be fed thanks a 9v battery or AC adapter, but the mini-jack format, as some vintage pedals. If you have prvu the adapter is not a problem ^ ^


Gnrale configuration is very simple, the Tubescreamer Schematic became a REFERENCE Contents in overdrive and we can not count the number of copies in circulation on the market !
I bought this rissue used without the manual, but it is by no means essential to meet soon!
The edition of sounds is also rchi simple. Everyone will find their preferences by turning the knobs, for as long as those trsractifs and interactive.


As many know, two uses are possible on a clear sound for a crunch, or to boost a DJ's saturated.
On-clear sound: the pedals gives trs beautiful sounds, as long as we take the trouble to turn up the volume of the amp: indeed, low volume, we feel that more the sound of the pedals is superimposed on the clean. Increase the volume or type of pramp in power tubes amliore rendering, which seems much more natural.
We can thus obtain a crunch crdible trs, trs practice for rhythmic rock or bluesy solos, or grazing a particular passage (break, solo ...)
The reserve of gain is quite limited, however.
Over-saturated sound dj: Fidler's legends, the pedals highlights many harmonics, and provides a great sustain.
Its reputable wants her food low: less than my Boss OD1, more than a Fulltone Ocd example. Rdhibitoire not in any case. This is also part of his characters.
I play with my Start (grain vaughan trsraliste!) To give even more to sustain my Humbuckers Gibson and Epiphone.
I do not use more normment aujourd'ui him prfrant my Boss OD1, brighter.


I prcise that I could never compare with the original rissue or in depth with a TS9 for example!
I use dsormais almost more than my Boss OD1, better able to provide me with grains 80's I need. The characters of this vintage Tube Screamer leads to my mind rather Blues rock or 70's.

I have yet many served c'tait THE FIRST overdrive I had acquired, there are two years. I did not try to normment MODELS, I just heard of overdrive like so magical to boost distorted sounds.
The occasion attracts me, I had had for 100 euros, honest to a TS808.
However, since I know that many pedals ahead dsormais this little green box in its price range: Xotic trs is wrong with his BB pramp, Fulltone OCD with her also, and I m I could be surprised with a Boss SD-1 current, which for fifty euros offers made my ears if moves away from this rissue TS808.

The effects of both drives all DIFFERENT trs, it is important to try and especially to compare them to find one that fits!