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User Review

Badcard's review - Klon Centaur

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Ditto previous opinion.
Note: this pedal is of interest with the tube amps only.


Totally agree with the previous opinion.
This overdrive / clean boost is of incredible quality.
Of all the effects pedals like this that I possess (see profile) and I tried, none can compete with the Klon.
It takes just a slap phenomenal.

The term transparency is used to describe all the sauces for the effects of guitars, but it never stuck better than the Centaur.
Clean boost mode, you really have a faithful reproduction of the characteristics of your sound (Start, tele, les paul ... but the amp) but bigger, more beautiful, better!

Indeed, the pedal works best before the overdrive / distortion very extensive.
Not that this is the last to be bad, but let say bcp less exceptional than the clean boost and overdrive "light".


For those who want to sublimate their sound, there is no hesitation to have.
This pedal is very, very expensive. (-1 Point)
But I challenge anyone to find a better overdrive and especially providing sound so fabulous!