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User Review

Very well - Reviews LD Systems MAUI 11

This is my first broadcast and I use this product for a short time, but my opinion has changed a lot!

At first, I tested the product inside (in my living room), and the sound it produced did not really suit me. It was a bit of a tin (narrow, slightly metallic) and I was apprehensive before mounting for a live situation.

But when used in concert, I was pleasantly surprised, and I found the sound really good. I need some specific modifications in passing: in concert, I've used in pairs (stereo) and I passed through a multiband equalizer.

So I feel that the rendering low level is not necessarily representative of the quality of the product. Another remark, I had set the bass level potentiometer (sub) relatively high because halfway, the sound still seemed unbalanced. Suddenly, I feel it is rather attenuator serious than boost. It does not really bother me for my use (or synth guitar + vocals), but it is a little surprising at first.

In any case, its level, I was pleasantly surprised by the presence, even in the low end, with boxes of size (and weight) very reasonable. I've tested this configuration in a room that can accommodate just under 200 people, with a reasonable sound level (not a rock concert), and the level of volume knob a little more than half. I think there is therefore still a little reserve.

Level assembly / disassembly is very well thought out, although I would have preferred a two-part column (as on Maui 28). I carry two columns in one bag, and it weighs a little anyway. But it is still very portable and it occupies a very reasonable volume of my trunk (criterion of first order).

The price is right, even if two modules are still exceeds € 1,000, but with the advantage of a modular system (you can take only the two for very small benefits) and earns stereo (with respect to a Maui 28).

In the end, I find that the product offers a lot of benefits for its price: a good spread, balanced sound, very little feedback (singing with microphones 1m50 front speaker), saves the use of Returns scene, equipment and reduces cabling, mounting and easy transport.

I could never compare with the live competition (Bose), but considering the price difference (almost doubled with the L1 Compact), I do not regret my investment.