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User Review

PERFECT nothing wrong - Reviews LD Systems MAUI 28


I have acquéri these systems there is little ... I have three. I tried that before Boses <a rel="nofollow" href="" target="_blank">L1</a><span style="position: absolute;"></span><span style="position: absolute;"></span> certainly have a slightly larger opening angle and its a little bit thinner but also much higher budget.
I used a 3000 budget of just € 28 for three maui, 4500 euros euros were needed for two Boses systems v2 b2 match box and tone. . .
Being a fan of sound I had in my hands a lot of systems. You can not compare the maui28 with a traditional system, the report is not at all the same ... Do not compare the characteristics of maui28 with a traditional system. The head of Maui is 200w, I could never sound to a room with a rcf 200 watts and there is however possible!
I use it for a duo / trio with electronic drums, accordion / synth, guitar and vocals. The sound spreads everywhere and is not aggressive at all.
The bass is there but do not go down too, small box and small boomer ...
With both installed stereo systems I have to sound to almost 500 people. People can talk to pregnant without having your ears. The sound is faithful.
I also dj weddings in and the result is stunning for a system like this ...
I highly recommend the 28 ld maui, because we not mention the weight ratio clutter! nickel!
The box is a little heavy but it will anyway.
There is no live conccurents this product.
Finally, this is the first time that customers do not complain that the sound is too loud so that you can hear everywhere!!