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User Review

At first, blah, and soon terible! - Reviews Akai Professional MPC Studio

How long have you use it?
Around a week, at first I was a little disappointed because I did not really found my marks over my old MPC 2000XL, although a lot of menus is identical, and then I watched the videos, read the instructions and I practiced a lot ...
In the end, the possibilities are much more extensive than the previous generations of mpc, cutting samples and slices are just simplicimes and fast (I love the phrase in another patch option).
Aucunne latency or cracking or other, I was a little afraid of this kind of thing, but it is square no brainer.
The pads:
They were a result of my disappointment, because it does not meet super well, and as usual, the user has saved me, everything is settled, so, it's even better than the 2000XL, you can practice a truly nuanced playing and everything is very sensitive, fun!
Sound: Obviously ç'est neutral, but delivered with emulations are really good, I love that the SP1200 and the mpc 3000, gives a good potato in a set!
Have you tried many other models before buying it?
The MPC 1000, 2000XL and 2500.
What is the particular feature you like best and least?
The simplicity and immediate control over his music, There are all, without being too much!
The least:
That everything can not be done since the mpc, details like rename a track or sequence from the pads, or just copy a track from one sequence to another, short of tricks but that really annoy me with envy forget my pc. (But apparently akai constantly corrects following user requests, I have hope that soon this mpc is almost perfect.)
The big minus, no step edit, but akai plancherait above, so good .... And the pc screen replaces this function well, although I do without him well.
How would you rate the quality / price?
Just excellent, even if it is a big calculator which does not calculate, but the service provided and the pleasure we take with is really cool!
With experience, you do again this choice?
Direct! (For cons, the library of samples with data, including "the bank" is just bogus, useless, "the 809" is already alot better, I think he could have "let go" the two banks of samples delivered with the rebirth ...)