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Akai MPC2000XL

Sampling Sequencerfrom the Akai MPC series

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By mitchgeist, 13/11/2012
The MPC2000XL is similar to the MPC2000 but with many newer features; including four independent pad-bank keys, number of samples stored doubled to 256 on the XL, altering sounds to a different bit depth or sampling rate could be accomplished by resampling, time stretch was added along with other features. In 2004 the 2000XL-MCD version was released, which features a CompactFlash card reader as standard in place of the floppy drive or Zip drives used in earlier models. There were 4 limited edition 2000XL SE MPCs created between 2000 and 2003. There were two versions of the SE 1, one with an improved control surface, compatible with growing number of sound libraries and one with aesthetic changes. The Limited Edition SE 2 and SE 3 also had only aesthetic changes.


The functions are very easy to access as is with all MPC models. The manual is also very straightforward and explains the machine with clarity. The install is also easy as is with all MPC models.


The sound isn't as gritty as say as MPC 60 or 3000, but it still gives it a nice analog sound. The pads are GREAT on this MPC and is one of my favorite pad models for the MPC's. IT comes with no preset sounds so I can't comment on that, but the filters and effects it has are sufficient enough to get someone started.


Overall it's a solid machine for someone who wants to step up from say the MPC 500 or 1000, but can't afford a 5000 or 4000. The price is reaosnable nowadays, you might find one on craigslist for anywhere between 300-600. I am glad I used this MPC because I churned out some great ideas with it.

God bless AKAI

By wakanaymara, 22/10/2012
Everything has been said again and again I think


The general configuration is it simple?

If we potash forums, videos, and more if a friend who we needle we started is fast enough to start.

The manual is clear and sufficient? ...

Like any manual you wonder if it exprés are to take the lead sometimes ..

The usual functions are they easily accessible?

Yes (Shift + ...)


Sounds they agree your style of music?

For my beats is what I need. A very good first machine.
The sound quality coming out of this machine is a pleasure to hear, coupled to my S950 I think it will do well

The expression is good? (Response to velocity, aftertouch to)?

AKAI touch is excellent. of true potato, sounds.

The effects are they effective and responsive?

Almost non-existent but we do not buy it for its effects.


How long have you been using?

1 week

Did you try many other models before buying it?

I had the chance to test MPC 60 MKII, 4000, NI Maschine.
In terms of its report / budget was the ideal candidate for the sound I wanted.

What is so special that you like most and least?

The +: His intuitiveness, simplicity, robustness, potato, its price.

The -: Its slow, its fragile floppy.

How do you rate the quality / price?

Very good.

With experience, you do again this choice?

Listen to me you who work on a computer, I do for years, and indeed it is true that this gives us a LOT of possibilities, it is much more convenient, fast, etc. etc.
But ... I will not go back on computer for anything (except to mix everything and paufiner)

Pose yourself the question, is that you already have full mouse tooth your computer screen? you have your answer.
I would do this choice without hesitation, and I really want to make me WELL hands on this mpc then discover other models, brand etc ...

God bless AKAI

Good bike, though ...

By Don lemone, 03/05/2012
Audio: headphone and just the MAIN output. I envision a map 8 attractions in the ass to him.

MIDI standard.

I acquired it with a ZIP drive. I quickly updated my OS and invested in a card reader. The OS includes only 1 GB cards, hard to find. But still he walks with maps 2 and 4 GB, even if it does not use only 1. Am I clear?

Sounds, that's it. Emphasis his. Via the input sample or via SD card, with a program on my mac. Boring anyway, I prefer to use the audio input.

The sequencer is good, you type, that's what you want, without delay, that changes in software, no lag, no crappy auto quantize.

Nice, also some software I cut my teeth on a QY 700, which is a must for me in terms of practicality (aaaah, the big screen, the grid, the step ....) and a MC-303 from Roland. Although her galley on the other hand.

After tapping my pads, I generally add swing to "humanize" a little more what I do.


A blow to take casually, we enter a new world. You forget the notes, tips, widgets. You got a sound, thou assigned. In fact, I seem to spend more time on my hair cut, edit, stretcher, the slicer ... And to return my drum kits that make the sound. But it has a playful side. And then the software sounds, well you pass the same, more time to try the plug-in to do his ... And you will not necessarily win.

You go back to basics really.

And I keep on my SD complete with batteries, I'm getting very frank wank kits and varied. After, it's just annoying to navigate in the memory, to preview the samples, assign, etc. ...

The manual, my faith ... Were in English, I downloaded it in French on the net. One, two, three literalist readings, readings few diagonals on details, and in it goes pretty fast. Automation are created at the end you work without realizing it. And you're going fast.

There's some pitfalls on the other hand, about the editing of such slices. We must trust the machine. Just once, the time stretch, I notice that the tempo varies from the one I assigned to my loop and that of the sequence. Another trap, capture sound: too strong, too weak ...

Common functions, accessible yeah. The price again some manual readings. You sail no submenu submenu, you want something, you press on the button and presto.


No effect, or minimum. What I wanted anyway, even if a delay, reverb, EQ and even a little would please.

Has no competence in mix, it filled me to have all these virtual racks to manage, even though I know not to use them. Kind the comp, the EQ ornate, ...

So I make my sounds, I record my tracks, I give the guy who knows how, and we made the mix there is to do ...


I use it for almost a year.

I went through the QY 700, 100 QY, log style of FL or Live before.

I love the fluidity, the pads, the robustness. The design also post-USSR. Simple.

I do not like the weight of the brothel, annoying to carry around. I like not everything is optional, such as 8 separate outputs or effects.

€ 400 for it, frankly it's okay, it's not excssif.

I will ever choose, but my ultimate dream is to have my workstation Park: ASR 10, MPC 60, 3000, 2500, etc ... but all are not as accessible.

a very good machine but ...

By ben_duck, 31/05/2011
Everything has already been said on this sampler / sequencer, effects option via map ... exceeded Connectors (SCSI) when you look at what is happening today. The Midi is ok.


The general pattern is clear enough, although I think that to fully exploit this machine, you still have a little reading the manual is very well done.
The course menu is good, although today it seems outdated.


Is 16 bits, so it's the former. The sound is pretty metal, it feels good grain Akai is very urban, heavy. For hip hop this is perfect.
Following is a quality but also a failure because that stereotype a bit samples played. One can get tired of this type of sound.
The reaction to velocity and aftertouch are good.


I used it about a year and I sold because it is a machine from the early '90s and now has become completely outdated (connectivity, storage, ...), although it retains a certain charm in its use, and its appearance.
It is very solid, the sequencer is very well done, it is a machine that offers huge opportunities.
Now, with experience, I will not go this choice today because as I said a machine is technologically outdated. I will ever willingly choose by the cons in the 90s or early 2000s. Opt instead for now MPC 500 or 1000.
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Akai MPC2000XL tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer:Akai
  • Model:MPC2000XL
  • Series:MPC
  • Category:Sampling Sequencers
  • Added in our database on: 05/10/2004

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