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KordsKontrol : the ultimate padKontrol mod! - forum Korg PadKONTROL

Hello everyone,

I have just finished, after 5 years of furious work :lol:, the development of an autonomous mod (written in Java) for the padKontrol (placed in native mode), transforming the controller into an ultra-intuitive chords progressions, arpeggios creation deck, and Live performance tool.
The soft is interfaced between the controller and any destination instrument (a synth, via its MIDI port, a virtual instrument, …)
No music theory knowledge is required, whatever what is played by the user, it will always sound “right” from a musical perspective.
The chords construction part comes with all the existing 4 notes chords , all the scales (more than 300), all the modes, accepts user scales, and includes non-diatonic chords (dominantization, augmented sixth, …) and usual altered chords. All the available variants are accessible via the controller interface, which adapts automatically depending on the context.
The chords progressions are built respecting classical harmony rules. A simple I-IV-V progression will instantaneously “sound” in a ”classical” fashion.
The soft allows creating complex arpeggios in a few seconds, that adapts to the chosen chords automatically.
The soft manages the creation of rhythmic arpeggios also (to play Drums), and can send MIDI CC (to control the cutoff frequency of a synth filter for example).
The “performance” mode, managing 16 MIDI channels, allows to play with zero-latency in a Studio or Live context the recorded chords, the arpeggios, to add notes from the scale, …
Simply pressing the Pads, you can play beautiful sequences as if they were played by a virtuoso pianist, without effort!
The soft is total recall: all the setup is automatically recalled on launch. The chords and arpeggios are recorded in external files, which allow exchanges between the users.
The soft can be setup with a setting text file.
I will publish on YouTube some videos soon to illustrate all that.
If I receive good comments, I will put a demo version online quickly (save functionalities disabled).
For the moment, the soft is PC compatible, but a MAC version seems possible.
I am looking forward to get your comments soon!
The first video is online! :bravo:
The demo is now compatible with NI Maschine... and Mac OS!

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