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Portico Series: The Test

Rupert Neve Designs Portico Series Neve. If there’s one name that causes the studio professional’s pulse to quicken, this is it! Even if the company has gone their own separate way with AMS since 1985, Rupert Neve, creator of the brand, has not hung up his soldering iron and is still creating new modules for his Portico range. read more…

User reviews on Parametric EQ products

Several years later... (Behringer - Tube Ultra-Q T1951)

By moody13, 30/10/2012
No effects, just EQ.


Ultra-easy configuration, no need for a user's manual.


Effective effects, even with the original tubes.


I've used it for several years now. I changed the tubes for some 1957 General Electric and it's awesome! Bear in mind that if you change the tubes you have to go easier on the settings, because cranking everything up can dirty up the sound. I'll keep it and it's a real pity that it doesn't exist anymore.

Easy to handle (Alto Professional - Q)

By EvilTiger, 11/09/2015
I use this to EQ my guitar both live and studio. And it has worked beautifully!
Have not found any good information about this product on the internet.
Don´t know what the main use is for this ,but I use it in my guitar rig all the time. It works for me ;)

Dont believe the bad press it gets on other websites ! (TL Audio - EQ-1 Dual Valve Equaliser)

By Joey Pensado, 17/06/2019
This is an incredible piece of outboard.
Forget what you read on other forums, this is a total classic.
It's been used by dave gilmour on all his albums since division bell
and their engineer andy jackson, then there is queens roy thomas baker who had to have one the minute he played with one !
fantasically underated eq, it seems the cream of the crop know its worth while the clowns on gear slutz are comparing it to their manley passives, which is a totally different kettle of fish !

Buy one if you can find one, you wont regret it !

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50% Off Four MeldaProduction Plugins

Published on 05/02/16
This week only, MeldaProduction offers their MPowerSynth, MFreeformEqualizer, MAutoEqualizer and MMultiBandPhaser plugins at half price.

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Understanding EQ Parameters

Published on 05/25/13
Understanding EQ Parameters
An EQ changes the level of frequencies in an audio signal. It allows you to define one or more frequency bands to amplify or attenuate them. In order to achieve this, the EQ uses different filters.

Making Equalization Work For You

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DBX Project 1

$35 Reverb classified ad

Klark Teknik DN405 parametric EQ

$180 Reverb classified ad