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Drum Software for E-mu?

Could someone please recommend decent sounding drum software that will work/interface with my E-mu. What I'm hoping to achieve is to use good sounding drum beats for the click track when recording in our mixing studio (Adobe Audition) rather than an external drum machine (the metronome sounds in Audition are awful!)? So what I need is a program that will play through the monitor outs on the E-mu. I'm just learning all about these things.

As Audition is compatible with VST Plug-Ins (you are using a PC, right?) then I can recommend BFD Drums or Addictive Drums. Both are great applications and sound really good!
If you just want to use a click track you could also just by a cheap sampler application, draw your click track as a MIDI File and chose the Sound you want.
Thanks very much for the recommendations and yes, it's a PC. My husband is the musician, but old school, and demands quality sound. I'm the computer tech cum sound technician trying to figure all this out for him.


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