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User Review

Chris Dewitte's review - ESI Wami Rack 192X

What motivated my choice: I wanted an interface that is rack mountable with the ability to record at least two condenser microphones along with converters and above suspicion (which is why the 192 kHz is important).
I have this interface for several years, and my computer configuration has changed considerably: I went from first-generation Pentium IV core duo two today and this interface has always been perfectly integrated.


The installation interface has always proceeded smoothly.
I never had to undergo any inconsistency. As motherboards will provide a PCI slot, this interface will continue (it happens now at retirement because of it).
The manual that comes with the machine is ridiculously flawed, but the machine will let fly with ease.


Drivers: three generations of drivers have been available since I have this interface. The first was very stable, but the software interface was ugly, and the second is the most successful and still use it, and the third was written when ESI no longer sells this machine, I have never managed to install without major instability problems. It must be said that over time it turns ESI appears to be a company that makes good interfaces but is not very responsive in tracking software (drivers), when compared, for example, M-Audio ...

Latency I get in 24/44.1 is 6 ms (256 samples of buffer). latency is a cushy me but it provides stability in all circumstances and it allows me to pass out 24/96 free Cubase to adjust latency.


As mentioned above, I use it for several years without worry.
The pros: quality converters, connecting the microphones in front, stable drivers.

The -: documentation really too succinct, too reactive monitoring software, good build quality and finish but look quelquonque, phantom power for two microphone inputs.

At the time, I got it in promo on guitars in Mulhouse and I paid € 750 instead of € 1000. I do not regret this purchase at all and if you do the math over time, so far it cost me less than € 150 a year and I intend to keep it until my computer set to become obsolete (I think in two or three years). And when that comes I will change to an EMR solution that seems to be the most serious market today.