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User Review

lonomatopeur's review - ESI WaveTerminal 192M

- The 8 outputs motivated my view of the fact that I live. Entries for demos were recorded too.
- From studios amateur
- I have a basic L4S5smg3 motherboard, P4 2390MhZ, strips of corsair 512ram, two Western Digital 80GB hard ......
- .... (See data)


- I have a little gallery in the beginning because it's my first sound card other than integrated into a motherboard. Xp detects, follow the help, and there no problems.
- No no conflict.
- The configuration is relatively simple, it must have some basis. The live wire is a bit complicated but there are fast actions that can have on how nimporte patch.
- Here dessu
- The manual is available online as a PDF. It will become useful only for DirectWIRE (patch inside).


- Never a problem stabilitée
- No it does not often updated but it does not matter to keep them stable.
- I use Reaktor, Ableton ... (See details)
- (Very low)
- 8 outputs, 4 input lines or micro 2entrées + 2entrées lines


- For more than a year
- EXTRAS: the external rack, the numerous inputs and outputs, low latency, is price. Cons: for perfectionists, the cable between the rack and the card is a little short, 30cm and more and it would be nice.
- Yes I tested many other models (motu, edirol and MAUDIO mainly)
- Exelente quality / price ratio
- I think I would take a card with a built-in DSP to host plugs without overloading the processor, but it is not when the same price range!

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