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User Review

winy's review - ESI WaveTerminal 192M

I chose this card because I needed entries amplified for my guitar and my (future) microphone to record the clarinet. It appears that the preamp is not quite enough but when quite usable. I also wanted a card has very low latency (which is actually the case). The separate outputs does not help me since I have no console.
System: Athlon 1 GB, 512 RAM, 140 GB HDD left in 2. all under Windows 2000, service pack 4.

I have an Iwill motherboard with VIA chipset (no achtez ever! Is my main source of problemesssssss). Aupravant I bought the M-audio quattro (USB) that I had to go after a week because of this :-( (I will soon have a comment about it.


The installation was horrible ... but may be I have not had a chance
I formatted just before and made a disk image before installing the sound card ... This has been a very good ideas as it served me two times. Indeed, the two peremieres times where I installed the card once all installs the PC reboots and the big crash. I had 2 times this symptom. The third installation was good .... So I started playing a little, a plug my guitar and when I left everything again crash. To me the driver is far from perfect. And I have a problem every time I uses the mic (but I do not use the other). So I expect a new version of impatiamment driver before editing anything in the config :-((((


The last updated date of 4 months to date.
I use mainly fruity with vst vsti and sometimes very greedy (moog, GRM tools) or I can get a latency of 1ms if the song is not a 10ms overload if I work alone with full effect and VSTi . (If necessary there is always the direct monitoring function). I play all alone so I only records that 1 track at a time without any pb.

Each change of latency need to restart the application associated (in my fruity).


I use it for 2 weeks. I'm glad a latency point of view quality sound driver problem but let me cruelly on my end (in addition to the problem I've had in the beginning!)
The value for money is very good if the driver is not a pb you.
I would do probably the same choice if I had another mother catre (no updated bios).
I'll see a long and with a new version of driver (when ???).