I'm frenchman so that mail is a translation of this other one written en français. Feel free to correct my language in order to improve my English or to answer in English to that mail. I beg your pardon for my broken English. I see that forum of "classical" music is alive so I will take this oppoortunity. I arrived here a bit by surprise: I hope not to annoy you too much. If I posted in the wrong place of course moderators can move this discussion .

This is my first message on this forum. For the time being I do not know you and you do not know me so I'll quickly tell you my "musical" life.

Young, my mother bought her a dark wood upright Pleyel piano, which remained enigmatic for me because she never learned to use it before I put me. I have always lived with this big thing with me and I used to press some keys. My father, music lover, let me touch his records of opera, piano and its sound system. When I was about seven or eight years old, listening to a Chopin prelude I tried to play the piano → «Epic Fail» as you say in English !

My parents agreed to ask a teacher to teach me how to play the piano. After a year and a half he moved and I tried to continue alone → second crushing defeat. In this summary I do not say that the arrival of the teacher first provoked a deep and stupid refusal to work so that the atmosphere of the house was (sporadically) deteriorated because of music :-) We also changed of city and a few time later I found a teacher whom lived in my street so it was very pleasant.

I reached «classe de Terminale» (class for passing the «baccalaurate» and unfortunally I had to stop the piano : what a frustration ! I tried to learn some new music pieces, but, lack of real motivation, I preferred work and not forget pieces I already knew. Today I go out of two years after the «baccalauréat». So I learned the piano during 8 years and after I stopped for 3 years.

:fleche: The ask of that mail is: what can play a typical, standard 19-year-old piano learner ?