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User Review

dad68's review - Edirol R-44

Acquisition Date: 07-2008

I turned on this product that I had prace
* 4-way acquistion of sensitivity with rgalge prcis
* XLR switchable between avaec alim fantme
* Storage capacity SDHC, I have an 8GB, but you can put more
* Rest in a budget rsonnable

I'll not go into the technical specifications of the device, you will find information on the amount of site Dirol

Here are my impressions Premire:

- Audio quality is to go
- The camera is super easy to use, trs rgonomique, visual
- Internal microphones are of good quality (the gain is of the type parcontre low, mid, hi) for these microphones
- Possibility of vroullier keys. The device does Designed to be worn in bandoulire, the main rglages are thus available in this case
- Routing audio super convenient
- Easy handling of file
- Connect via USB on PC, even running a virtual disk
- Integrative DSP that can affect playback or recording or both, and this inland.
- Power, battery, Battery, transformer, a menu is totally ddi feeding
the + +

Each time we find something that ESG, we will find a menu that allows you to configure as you want!

The BOFs ....

- Hair gourment for batteries. Given for 4 hours in recording or reading, I can not.
- The end of play (when you stop on appyue) is followed by a lg 'pop' (in the headphone, I have not tried the audio outputs). I find Gnant
- I found some small jumps in reading, but I do not know if it's a bad manip
- I found at a saturation level of long internal microphone, a cut from the roster of acquistion. Good intrt the recess is ridiculous plutt enreistrer a saturated signal ... but knowing the cause, j'me am saying that a purchase can happen in a well-calle (VENT I never finding. This is a take with BMOL, however if a happened to you I'm your customer exprience
the price!

I got this unit in a local music store at a price of 670 euros