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User Review

AceLeppard's review - Apple iPod Classic 160 Go

I use this machine for months now. I'm not very skilled or educated on players of all kinds, but I went through the sony walkman, mp3 a basic that we all had in 249 mo ...
I still buy lots of records, because I have a hard to do without the physical medium is the cd! So I maousse quite a collection, amplified by the discs that we are ready and exchange between friends.
I said go with 160, I would have something to fill it without sorting for a while.

Mp3 compression involved music via computer leads to considerable loss from the cd or the more reason, vinyl. But the practical side prevails for many.

So to give you an idea of ​​the capacity of thing, so far, my itunes (and ipod affiliate) contains 710 albums, 25 days of non stop music and I still have at least 100 gigabytes more to complete.

I listen with my headphones while the marshall major. I'm really happy with the record, and I would do what (s) choice if they were redone.