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The sound of the time - Reviews Stentor PR 38

This range speaker output Stentor I believe in 1987-88. Equipped with Audax and Beyma, it was the first series of professional speakers composite. The range consisted of a box at 46, at 38, a 3-way and 2-way as a Photo. It was very innovative for its time!
All speakers operating in passive, 2 boxes had cutoff frequencies too high like 250 and 500hz if I remember correctly, which did not provide a good sound serious necessarily compared to today ... In active against by The PR38 gets all his punch cut 100-120hz is something else, it knocks! Passive filters were impressive and heavy with huge coils.
The boxes were grooved and self blocked by overlapping. Using HP quality, I use it sometimes when there is a stage for elevating amplified by the PLX 3402 and processed itself by bss, the sound is sweet and has nothing to do with the sound of today ' Today!
I have reconditioned with hp of the same origin if the photo, it is not a PR38.