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[NAMM] Wharfedale Diva 6

Wharfedale Pro has announced an addition to their range of installation loudspeakers, the Diva 6, a surface mount installation loudspeaker.

The spheroid ported cabinet is designed to eliminate internal standing waves. The Diva 6 is available in a black or white enclosure that can be painted to match a decor.


Based on a 2-way co-axial design the Diva 6 uses a 6” custom Wharfedale Pro transducer with a 2” diaphragm, 1.2” exit titanium compression driver on a coaxially mounted waveguide. The Diva 6 has a frequency response of 60Hz-20kHz and is capable of 108dB SPL @ 1m.


A 70.7 / 100 volt line matching transformer is designed to ensure impedance matched connectivity with an amplifier or external line transformer. The 70.7 power tap has 6.25W, 12.5W, 25W and 50W settings while the 100 volt power tap has 12.5W, 25W and 50W settings. The impedance (8Ω) setting is designed to allow connectivity to a low impedance amplifier, giving 140W of continuous program output per Diva 6.