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HK Audio Linear 5 Series

HK Audio has released a new series of speaker cabinets called Linear 5.

Distributed in the UK and Eire by John Hornby Skewes & Co. Ltd. and manufactured in Germany, the Linear 5 features five powered Linear 5 models:


  • L5112FA (UK RRP £899.00) 12"/1" fullrange top. Equipped with switchable EQ, may be deployed as a stand-alone cab, in stereo pairs, and as a satellite paired with a Linear 5 subwoofer.
  • L5112XA (UK RRP £899.00) 135 dB MAX SPL peak, 12"/1" model with switchable filter. Can work as a top unit and in combination with the Linear Sub 2000 A. Rotatable 60° x 40° CD horn.
  • L5115FA (UK RRP £959.00) 15" fullrange top, 1,000 watts as a stand-alone cabinet. Like the L5 FA 112, it features an asymmetrical horn with a coverage pattern that is wider up front and grows more directed with distance.
  • LSub1200A (UK RRP £999.00) Loaded with two 10" woofers and a remarkably effective 1,200 watt, Class-D power amp, can also drive a connected passive L5 210 Sub.
  • LSub2000A (UK RRP £1,299.00) 1,200-watt powered subwoofer in a bandpass housing (sixth-order double bandpass), features a 2.5" voice coil with advanced cooling technology and a dual spider suspension.


Pricing & Availability: 

Model                         Description                                                                   UK RRP

L5112FA                    HK Audio L5 Active 1 x 12” cabinet                               £899.00

L5112XA                   HK Audio L5 Active 1 x 12” multi-function cabinet           £899.00

L5115FA                    HK Audio L5 Active 1 x 15” cabinet                                £959.00

LSub1200 A               HK Audio L5 Active Sub 2 x 10”                                      £999.00

LSub2000 A               HK Audio L5 Active Sub 2 x 12”                                      £1,299.00


Linear 5 will be available in the UK from mid-April 2012.


HK Audio at JHS: