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User reviews on Rackmount DJ Player products

Loved it, awsome screen (Pioneer - MEP-7000)

By JimboSpins, 06/10/2012
The Pioneer MEP 7000 is an ultimate player for all of your files, it takes up a total of 3 rack spaces with the cd inputs (separate). It has a very good quality of sound and the design of it is one of the best that are on the market. I have seen and used similar models from other name brands that cost over 2 grand. The MEP 7000 cost 1500 USD and has everything a DJ needs to play all file types, locate all songs and even organize them. The use of the MEP 7000 is very similar to the CDJ line from Pioneer. This unit is kind of two different pieces, but it is still very portable. You can use your CD’s even DVD’s that have music on them as well as external hard drives and flash drives containing your music. A key selling point on the MEP 7000 is that it has a 4.3 inch color screen that makes finding your next song and files extremely easy. Especially in bad lighting like clubs. The screen is like looking at a cell phone, the colors are very strong and bold.

The beat match on the MEP 7000 is awesome, you can match up your tempo’s really fast and get to the next track. MEP 7000 comes with Serato like the CDJ does, and it will allow you to manage all of your music from your PC, you can not use this software with a MAC. The Pioneer MEP 7000 is also MIDI capable to be a controller.

Bottom line, you just cant go wrong with the MEP 7000, it is very well built and can be taken with you no matter where you go, the screen is amazing and is high resolution. This machine should be more than it is, I have been using it for a few months now, and honestly the screen is the main reason why I bought it.

For audio or video (Numark - iDEC)

By JimboSpins, 25/10/2012
The Numark iDec is a rackmountable iPod player and recorder. The dock on it is pretty universal for your MP3 style players. All you have to do is put your iPod on the dock and you will be able to play your songs out loud or your videos on a external screen. This unit is very easy to set up because there is no set up at all. Just plug it in, and put your iPod player on the deck and start listening or watching. One of the main features of the iDec is that you can record directly to your iPod.

The iDec can be rackmounted, it will take up 2 rack spaces. There is no other digital ins or outs just 2 RCA ins and 2 RCA outs, it does have video outs too. It does come with everything you need right out of the box to start using it except the iPod which you will have to buy on your own if you don’t already own one.

If you have a 5th generation or classic iPod, or even a iPod nano 2nd or 3rd generation you can record directly to your iPod from the iDec. It will record 16bit 44.1kHz resolution directly to your iPod. I have used the iDec to project video mainly for my shows. It has allowed me to sync videos to the songs that I am playing or sync any video I want to be on the screen for visuals.
I am very happy that I made the choice to purchase the iDec, it has added some much needed visual entertainment to my sets. I do not regret my decision to use it at all, it has held up great for me and it is easy to read even in a dark club. I do not use it much for the audio, but the video capabilities of it are great. It was well worth the 200 dollars that it cost.

Works with any system (Numark - MP103USB )

By JimboSpins, 21/03/2013
The Numark MP103 is a professional USB CD player that can be racked. The price of this rackable unit is very reasonable considering some of the similar models that have the same specs cost about 25 percent more. This unit has great features that got me very excited to use it, I loved working with the pitch control, brake effect and reverse effects. It is also very easy to loop and scratch with this unit.
Learning to use the MP103 is very simple; it does come with a manual to help the user understand how to use it and all of its features. This unit has an auto BPM counter and RCA and XLR outputs.
The MP103 has a built in screen on it that is easy to see during a dark show on stage or in a club DJ booth. It is easy to navigate with it and all of the buttons are illuminated so you can see each button. It is very easy to use the MP103 with any system that I wanted to use it with because of the connections. I would put most of my song library on to a USB card and then use it with this rackable unit. I could pull up my songs quickly and navigate through them easily.
I really liked using the MP103 and I do not regret using it. It is priced well and has great features that any DJ will love. If you are a mobile DJ than this is not the unit to purchase do to the size of it and the need to have to have it racked. But if you have a rack this is great because you can just leave it there and use it as your main console no matter what source your music is coming from. It works with any system and it is very versatile.

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