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What is the warmest reverb for a good price?

Hi world

All is in the title.

Same question for virtual reverb.
In all my songs I use GlaceVerb, it's a free virtual reverb with strange parameters, but it sounds great, sometimes a bit metallic but you can always correct that resonance.

In hardware what about a lexicon one?
GlaceVerb is a great choice! The best and warmest one I have tried actually!
As i am using this one too, i have to overtake it :|

For hardware reverb, what sould be the better one comparing the price, because lexicon seems to be so expensive.
Why don't you like it?
Regarding software reverbs, ever gave SIR a try?
Anaon> I dont say i dont like it, its just a little bit too cold/metallic.

TheStratGuy> I will have a look on that brand , thx ! :)
Any convolution reverb and good impulses :clin: :bravo:

SIR :bravo:
voxengo pristine space :bravo:

I think that the second hand of the "M" series (M-one XL, M2000 and 5000) from TC electronics are kind of the warmest reverbs for good prices.
I've used the one XL and 2000 and also listen the 5000 and i've found that.

For the software, i've never listen something warm. Maybe the Altiverb .....