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Classic (Mark I Stage 73)

By ericthegreat, 27/11/2011
I've been using the Mark 1 Stage 73 electric piano for about five years. While not every studio or keyboard player has one, when I have access to one I will always try to use it when recording. Those who are familiar with this electric piano know its wonders and know what it can do. The Fender Rhodes is a classic electric piano, sought after by most when choosing an electric piano. The tone is unique and very rich. You can use the tremolo to get more of a wavy sound, or you can also get a bell like tone as well. The general sound is unique, but you can compare it to a Wurlitzer electric piano, but both have distant tones within the the electric piano setting. I have used this both for recording and for playing live, both with great results. It sounds great through an external speaker cabinet, but sounds fine when playing through the built in speaker, if your model has one. The price for a reissue of one of these is quite reasonable, but is comparable to that of a used vintage one, which I would recommend over the newer ones. It is built sturdy and has the Fender seal, which has become synonymous with making high quality instruments. It also looks great, and the keys have an awesome feel to them. It is easy to play, as the keys aren't too heavy and aren't too light. Whenever I play it I feel like I'm getting good results because of how easy it is to play and how great the sound is. If you are a keyboard player and you don't know about the Fender Rhodes by you should definitely try one out as you will fall in love! Great for all types of music including rock, pop, and jazz. The Mark 1 Stage 73 has become classic instrument in modern Western music and is used worldwide for all types of genres and situations.

love the 70s (Mark I Stage 73)

By theaudioandvideoguy, 26/04/2012
The Fender Rhodes Mark 1 was originally produces in the early 70’s. People went crazy over the Fender Mark 1 back then it was like every single major musician had one and every one wanted one maybe because of just that reason. Of course the 70’s where a different time in music and the average Joe couldn’t afford to purchase these back then . The Fender Rhodes Mark 1 was a great stage piano and is to be used with a guitar amp. The front knobs are only for volume and some bass eq controls. You really didn’t have many options over controlling your sound on these back in those times (its amazing how far equipment has come over the last 40 years). The Fender Rhodes Mark 1 is kind of like a “suit case” model as the call it. Because it had the old suit case look too it and the suit case handles on the side of it for carrying it. Plus the weight of it was great, you could almost lug it around anywhere with you. It was created to be moved around a lot.

After the first few years of this model they have went back and made a lot of changes to it The original mark 1 had the hammer tips that couldn’t be replaced. But when they came out with the newer versions of the Mark 1 they made it so you could replace the hammer tips because over time the hammer tips too some wear and it really affected the piano. That was the biggest change in my book and im happy they have done that. Or at least I was at the time, I still think they my grandad might still have one of these in his shed. Its definitely not in playing condition if it is still in there. But there is no doubt that the Fender Rhodes Mark 1 is a classic model.

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The Rhodes 's Come Back

2 Published on 01/31/08
It's been almost 25 years since the legendary Rhodes brand disappeared from the scene. Now it's time for a come back.

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