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specs/repair address - forum Philips 9559

Hi folks,

I have this Philips 9559 for quite some years in my posession and
I'm looking for technical info as well as a repair address.
I'm thinking about selling the mike (repaired or unrepaired) but I have no clue on what it's worth.
Any ideas/suggestions would be welcome!

Hi Johanes,

I reached out to some contacts in the pro audio world to see if I can get some answers for you. I'll let you know what I find out.
Ok, great!

Thanks Mike.
OK, I heard from my contact. Regarding technical info, here's a page about the mic on Radio Museum the site

You might try contacting Wes Dooley at AEA Ribbon Mics http://www.wesdooley…ontact/contact-us, who may be able to either fix it for you or recommend someone that can. Wes is a ribbon mic expert. Good luck.