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My precious!!! (R-121)

By AV Inspire, 07/09/2012
Very nice ribbon microphone for many applications


Used it for live on different Guitar amps and compared to the SM57, MD421 and the C414. All microphones are fine for this kind of application but the Royer gives a bigger and opener sound than all others. Definitely my number 1. In studio it is often used for brass sections.
I also used it for Cello, oboe and clarinet recording and loved it. For the flute it missed some high end but with a little eq that was ok.
On vocals it works fine if you're looking for a dark sound.

Unreal!! (SF-24)

By stompboxjon, 02/10/2012
Royer SF-24 microphones where used in a studio downtown for a few years, whenever we had the chance to get into that particular studio we did because how much we loved these microphones. The SF 24 by Royer is a newer version of the SF 12. The SF-24 is very quiet and has a very low self noise to it that is lower than 18 decibels. It does not matter which instrument you are recording with the SF -24 or how far away from the SF-24 you are, you will still get a great recording without the need to process the sound anymore. All of the frequencies are very consistent and when you look at the recording in an equalizer you will see how consistent they really are. The Royer SF-24 has 2 balanced head amplifier systems that have low sensitivity of -40dB. You can pretty much use the Royer SF-24 with any pre amp that you want.


The SF-24 may look fragile but when you actually get to see one up close and feel it you will see that its pretty solid and well built. That doesn’t mean that you should take a chance with it though because the cost of it is over 4000. Which makes it pretty much out of the reach for any at home musician. I am very thankful for the handful of times that I got to use this microphone. It almost makes you not want to record instruments with any other microphone at all. The sound quality is amazing and unmatched. I have yet to hear a microphone that can record brass like the SF-24 can. If you get a chance or can afford to get this microphone it is a must have! Seriously! At least call around local studios and see if they carry it, so you can use it!

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Royer R-121 Platinum Limited Edition Microphone

Published on 11/05/13
Royer Labs celebrates its Technical Grammy Award with a limited edition of its R-121 ribbon microphone with a platinum finish.

Royer Labs SF-2 Active Ribbon Mic

Published on 09/16/12

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2 Published on 07/26/09
In the Studio with Michael Wagener Pt.3 - Electric Guitar
After having detailed how he records drums, Michael Wagener tackled guitars in this episode.

In the Studio with Michael Wagener - Part 2

In the Studio with Michael Wagener

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Royer R-121 Ribbon Microphone

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